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The best Twitch Poker Streams

Twitch.tv has been around since 2011 as an online streaming platform. It is a major reason behind the explosive growth of eSports like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As a platform for poker, Twitch offers the same benefits as for eSports absolutely free:

  • Entertainment: the chance to watch professionals play live
  • Education: Interaction in real-time allowing you to chat with and ask questions about the streamer’s play
  • Social: Excellent sense of community with the chat, meeting other players
  • Financial: Many streamers sell their action and allow you to sweat over twitch.tv!

Poker Pros and players have recognized twitch.tv’s potential and the website has taken off as a medium for Poker content. All you need to watch is an internet browser. To help you find the best content, we’ve summarized some of the top streamers on twitch.tv.

Best Twitch Poker Streams: Global Poker League


The GPL (Global Poker League) is a revolution in Poker. Drawing inspiration from eSports leagues like the League of Legends League Championship Series, the GPL is the answer to modern mainstream, audience-centric poker competition.

In the GPL, 12 teams of professionals from all over the world compete each week for points towards league standings. 6-max and Heads-up matches are played between players from the teams each week, constituting poker’s first league of this size.

Best of all, you can watch the GPL every week on their twitch.tv channel!

Every Wednesday & Thursday during the regular GPL season 2 teams from each conference battle heads-up online(1 on 1) in a 3 -game format (3 total NLHE HU games per single match) with 1 team member representing each team participating that given day in competition. All Eurasia teams play on Wednesdays, all Americas teams play on Thursdays.

Every Tuesday 1 player from each GPL Conference team will battle their Conference mates online via 6-Max NLHE matches on GPLs proprietary online platform – developed from the ground up to optimize viewer experience.

The Cube

The Cube is GPL’s portable soundproof booth for games. You can see the inspiration from eSports stadiums and the excitement this format brings to poker.

Best Twitch Poker Streams: JCarver

 best twitch poker streams jcarver

Jcarver’s live stream during his final table in event 7 of the WCOOP

Jason “JCarver” Somerville is the undisputed godfather of twitch.tv poker streaming. He was the catalyst behind which twitch.tv’s poker section exploded. He is by far the most popular live streamer in poker.

He broke records for twitch.tv poker streams with 37,000 viewers during the World Championship of Online Poker Event #7 Final table. He won nearly $40,000 broadcasted live, and for free, for the entire internet to watch.

Another hit was his Run-It-Up Challenge featuring him running a 50$ deposit up to $10,000.

Somerville is currently taking a break, but will resume streaming this month. He does an excellent job of explaining poker on an understandable level.

Best Twitch Poker Streams: Tonka

best twitch poker streams tonka

Tonka (Parker Talbot) is a 24 year old Canadian who plays in the internets largest MTTs and SNGs. He has been playing poker for many years and dropped out of university to (successfully) pursue his dream of being a professional.

We recommend you check out Tonka’s Live Stream. He streams on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from Noon until his sessions end. He also streams Wednesdays from 17:30 to 00:00 EST and a few other times sporadically throughout the week.

Best Twitch Poker Streams: VIP-Grinders

VIP Twitch

Our VIP-Grinders twitch.tv channel is a home for top poker content. We have an assortment of NLHE 6max and MTT players streaming at regular times every week in addition to more spontaneous PLO and HU content.

You can view biographies of our twitch streamers on our page here, but we’ve summarized our most regular streamers for you in the table below. Other excellent streamers include Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov (Poker personality, High Stakes SNGs).

If for any reason you miss the livestreams, you can register here or login to access our Twitch Replays. This are available after the broadcast for you to watch and rewatch for your convenience.

Another note: We are always looking for coaches and good players to stream for our channel! Please send us a 30 minute test video of your stream and your twitch.tv or Youtube channel if you think we’d be a match.

Jaka “Jkob77” ZabukovecNLHE 6mNL100 Zoom, Coaching, Session Review Monday, Wednesday
Jan “flopDworld” MartinsekNLHE 6mNL50-NL200Tuesday, Thursday
Pedro “gusma” MadeiraMTTs$11-$1,100 MTTsFriday (18:30 to 00:30 CET)
Christopher “mingthemerciless” LeatherNLHE 6maxNL50Wednesday, Saturday

Other Mentions

There are channels on twitch.tv live streaming High Stakes Poker, Poker After Dark and more around the clock. There is also a great selection of up and coming streamers. We encourage you to fully explore twitch by checking the twitch.tv poker page and see who the most popular streamers are at various times!

Some other streamers you may enjoy include:

  • Pokerstaples – 24 year old MTT grinder from Canada
  • Bparispoker – Prolific MTT grinder with 3rd most cashes in online history


Twitch.tv is excellent for poker players whether you’re looking for education or entertainment. It’s absolutely free, and accessible with just your internet browser.

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