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Poker Hand of the Week – Keir Sullivan Destroys Jungleman With 72 Offsuit!

A new rivalry is born as newcomer Keir Sullivan has destroyed Jungleman with an epic hero call with 72 Offsuit at his Big Bet Poker Debut.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This spectacular poker hand was played at the brand-new high stakes cash game format presented by Live at the Bike called Big Bet Poker.

The latest episode had a very interesting line-up with Yoh Viral, Jungleman, Masato, Brian Green, Malcolm and Keir Sullivan.

Poker Hand of the Week - Keir Sullivan destroys Jungleman with 72 offsuit

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They are playing NL 6-max with blinds of $100/$200 and a $200 Big Blind Ante with the 7-2 Game being on. Jungleman has Sullivan easily covered at the start of our Poker Hand of the Week.

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


Masato open-raises from UTG to $500 with A♠9 and Jungleman calls from the cut-off with A10 as does Purple on the button with 2♠2♦.

Keir Sullivan now looks at 72 in the small blind and squeezes to $3,100. Both Jungleman and Purple call. Pot Size: $10,200


3-way to a flop of 7JQgiving Jungleman a gutshot and a backdoor Nut Flush draw, while Keir flops bottom pair and checks. Cates takes a $2,500 stab, Purple folds, but Sullivan now check-raises to $8,000. However, Jungleman is not going anywhere. Pot Size: $26,200


 The 3on the turn is a blank and Keir checks again. Jungleman fires a $7,500 second barrel and Sullivan check-calls this time. Pot Size: $41,200


The 5 on the river is another place and Sullivan checks for a third time. Cates then puts Keir All-In for his remaining $21,100 and Keir quickly calls and makes a celebration dance, when he sees that he is good.
Jungleman is visibly not amused, when Keir Sullivan wins the $83,400 Pot with a Hero Call.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Great call! Let’s try to figure out, why Sullivan made it.

First of all, it is important to 7-2 Game is on, giving the player who wins a hand with 7-2 a pre-set bounty from each opponent.

Masato’s preflop raise with A9o is a little bit on the loose side, while Jungleman’s A10o and Purple’s (Pocket Deuces) calls on the cut-off and button are standard.

Absolutely non-standard is Keir’s 3-bet from the small blind with 72o, but the squeeze is obviously intended to win the bounty and end the hand right here. That doesn’t happen though as both Jungleman and Purple call.

The flop is pretty interesting, since the preflop 3-bettor flops bottom pair and Jungleman a gutshot to the Nuts plus backdoor flush draw. Means Cates does have equity, so it makes a lot of sense that he tries to take down the pot with a small stab, when checked to. Purple gets out of the way.

Now the hand gets interesting as Sullivan makes a 3.5x check-raise. Cates sticks around though.

The turn is as blank as it gets and surprisingly Keir doesn’t continue and checks. Jungleman reads that as weakness and therefore decides to take another shot at the pot with a small second barrel (28% pot). Sullivan check-calls though with only a little bit more than half pot size behind.

The river is another blank and all of Jungleman’s draws bust. Keir Sullivan checks over to Jungleman for a third time, who thinks for a few seconds before putting Keir All-In.

Neither the turn nor the river have changed the board and if Keir was good on the flop then his hand is still good. That’s why he makes the call and he is right!

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Great call by Keir Sullivan and here are the two reasons, why he made it.

Firstly, you have to trust and go with your read. Both the turn and the river were blanks, which means, if Sullivan had the best hand on the flop, his hand is still good after the river.

Secondly, Keir has already committed himself to the pot after calling Jungleman’s flop and turn bet. After the turn, Sullivan has only $21,100 behind and there is already $41,200 in the pot, which means he is pot-committed and can’t fold anymore.

That’s why Jungleman should have given up on the river and checked behind.

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here: