August 30, 2023 Poker Gossip, Poker News Lars Liedtke

Santhosh Suvarna Wins $1,862,000 Pot Against Phil Nagy At The Triton Poker Cash Game

Indian high stakes crusher Santhosh Suvarna has won one of the biggest pots of all time worth $1,862,000 against Phil Nagy at the Triton Poker Cash Game.

The Triton $1,000,000 Cash Game featured many big names from poker. Alongside Phil Nagy, Rob Yong, and Santhosh Suvarna in this shocking pot were Tony G and Paul Phua and others.

Santhosh Suvarna wins the maximum

Phil Nagy opened the action under the gun with red queens for $6,000 and was called by three players.

Santhosh Suvarna three-bet to $36,000 with pocket kings from the small blind and was immediately cold four-bet by Rob Yong in the big blind to $85,000.

Amazingly, Nagy didn’t ponder for long before moving $250,000 into the middle with five other players still in the pot.

The table was now quiet with all eyes on Suvarna after the three callers pitched their hands into the muck.

After a couple of minutes, Suvarna made the call, not wanting to stack off so deep.

Now it was up to Rob Yong to decide how his black queens were doing against such action. With the pot now $607,000 and such strong action from his opponents Yong ponders but still makes the call.

The pot is now $772,000.

So, the three players decide to see a flop which comes down as 4h 7c 5h. Suvarna and Yong check to Nagy who fires out a bet of $300,000.

Suvarna now decides to go with his hand jamming his stack into the middle. Yong folds quickly.

Phil Nagy calls All-In drawing dead

Nagy can now clearly be seen to have alarms bells going off in his head. Would Santhosh Suvarna play this way three-handed and show him tens or jacks?

It doesn’t matter to Nagy because of the price he is getting and he makes a reluctant call. Yong then gives him the news that he’s just folded queens and can only hope for a chop.

In fact, on the first run out an eight drops on the turn giving Nagy some hope but a 4 river puts paid to that. The second run also gives no help in one of the biggest televised cash game pots of all time.