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Doug Polk calls 2020 Poker Hall of Fame Voting a complete joke

Doug Polk has lashed out at the recent Poker Hall of Fame voting, incensed that MTT director Matt Savage received more votes than Poker Stars founder Isai Scheinberg, while serial debtor Eli Elezra outpolled highstakes legend Patrik Antonius.

The Upswing Poker boss, currently knee-deep in his Grudge Match against Daniel Negreanu, couldn’t believe the voting for the 59th inductee into poker’s hallowed halls.

The full list of votes was as follows:

  • Huckleberry Seed – 76 Votes
  • Matt Savage – 51 Votes
  • Isai Scheinberg – 45 Votes
  • Eli Elezra – 30 Votes
  • Antonio Esfandiari – 23 Votes
  • Lon McEachern and Norman Chad – 20 Votes
  • Ted Forrest – 20 Votes
  • Mike Matusow – 17 Votes
  • Patrik Antonius – 15 Votes
  • Chris Ferguson – 3 Votes

Polk clearly had no problem with the winner, 1996 WSOP Main Event winner Huckleberry ‘Huck’ Seed, who took 76 votes and was a popular choice among fans.

Huckleberry Seed poker

However, Matt Savage, the Executive Tour Director of the WPT, took an incredible runner-up spot ahead of many of the game’s legends, a fact not lost on Polk.

Matt Savage poker

Savage’s 51 votes were six clear of the man who helped build internet poker into what it is today, Isai Scheinberg. The PokerStars founder had been called out by a fellow nominee when the shortlist was announced…

Norman Chad, who along with fellow veteran commentator Lon McEachern took 20 votes for sixth place, ripped into Scheinberg, stating: “We would not give a poker cheater the game’s highest honor; we shouldn’t reward a businessman who cheated the system with the game’s highest honor.”

Doug Polk calls 2020 Poker Hall of Fame Voting a complete joke

For Doug Polk, the problems didn’t end with Scheinberg’s lowly 3rd spot, as Eli Elezra came in 4th in the voting process. That process saw 30 of the 31 living Hall of Fame members voting, each voter giving points from 1-10 to each of the nominees.

The Israeli-born veteran pro took 30 votes, double that of Patrik Antonius who came in 9th (not 7th as Polk tweeted), with only Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson lower in the rankings than the Finnish legend.

Elezra’s 4th place angered Polk, who raged: “Elezra ran up debts he didn’t pay to how many players and got 4th? What world is this?”

Eli Elezra Doug Polk calls 2020 Poker Hall of Fame Voting a complete joke

The High Stakes Poker regular’s alleged $million+ debts hit the headlines after an AMA on the 2plus2 forum to promote his autobiography descended into multiple accusations.

Cole South, Abe Mosseri and Shaun Deeb were among those who claimed Elezra owed them big and had done so for years, our coverage of the story here for those who missed it.

Polk’s tweet gained a lot of traction, poker fans pretty much aligned with his thinking on this issue, a selection of the replies below…

  • Doesn’t make since Patrick only 15 votes. I would have put at top of the list. Am I missing something? Do other HOF members not like him for some reason.
  • @MagicAntonioshould win this hands down! Followed by @Patrik_Antonius.
  • The poker hall of fame is a joke. It’s a boys club. Eli and Matusow should be nowhere near the hall of fame. All they did was play in a time period where sites were throwing money at players. There are so many more qualified people.

As for Polk, he is perhaps still reeling from the comeback Daniel Negreanu has launched in their epic Grudge Match.

Eli Elezra Doug Polk calls 2020 Poker Hall of Fame Voting a complete joke

Yesterday’s 24th session saw DNegs take another $100k off the bill that at one point was approaching $1million. With Negreanu now on the comeback trail, you can catch all the Grudge Match action here.

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