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Hand of the Week – How to deal with a turn lead on a two-way straight board

About Hand of the Week producer Paul “Internet” Otto

Paul Otto, better known as “Internet” is one of the most successful mid and lower high stakes 6-max players of all time on the Ongame network.

There he was among the top 10 winners in 2010 and 2011 with a staggering profit of more than $270,000:

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After that, he became a well-respected poker coach teaching Game Theory Optimal (GTO) to a large number of students.

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Our poker coaches “TribunCaesar” and Paul “Internet” Otto will present the Hand of the Week video every Friday on VIP-Grinders.com in form of a hand replay video.

We will switch between No-Limit Hold’em (analyzed by our NL coach “Internet”) and PLO (analyzed by our PLO coach “TribunCaesar”) every week.

Facing a donk lead on a two-way straight board

Paul witnessed the Hand of the Week while playing NL1000 6-max at one of the anonymous tables of MPN (formerly known as Microgaming network).

In a blind vs blind situation the turn brings a two-way straight, and the big blind is facing a strong donk lead by the small blind.

What happens then and how to play in a situation like this explains Internet in the below video:

NL Coach Paul “Internet” Otto analyses the hand here:

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