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Kakitee calls Doug Polk a “scummy piece of shit” for trying to scam poker legend Doyle Brunson

Doug Polk has been accused of trying to scam 90-year poker legend Doyle Brunson, poker pro and commentator Koray “KakiTee” Turker calling the Upswing poker boss a “scummy piece of shit”.

Doug Polk called out for scamming poker legend Doyle Brunson

Doug Polk vs Doyle Brunson

Polk is currently knee-deep in his Grudge Match with Daniel Negreanu, an online battle that Turker has been commentating on for the past fortnight.

It was Polk’s offer to battle with the grandaddy of poker, 10-time WSOP bracelet winner Doyle Brunson, that incurred the Australian’s wrath.

Doyle Brunson poker

Brunson had entered the Twitter debate over the ‘rules issue’ that erupted in the Polk-Negreanu match, one that saw Polk challenge Bill Perkins, as we reported last week.

Having fallen out with the highstakes amateur and Thirst Lounge boss, next in Polk’s sights for a match was Brunson…

Quite why Koray Turker took exception to this is unclear. But it elicited the tweet describing Polk as a “scummy piece of shit” who “ tries to scam 90yo legend.”

This, according to Turker, is “nothing new” from Polk, “but hopefully makes his character more obvious to ppl on the fence.”

Neither Polk – nor most of poker Twitter – was too impressed with the Philippines-resident, ElitePokerCoaching guru.

Scam accusations

One fan pointed out that if it was somehow a ‘scam’ then Brunson is unlikely to fall for it.

Apachoooo wrote: “Doyle is a legend but he also loves poker. He has done it his whole life. I don’t think he’s open to any scams as he’s seen it all. He STILL is a great player. You’re making him sound like he’s disabled in some way. WTF???”

Eli Robichaud wrote: “Apparently challenging a live poker veteran to games of his choice is “scamming.” That’s a stretch in anyone’s imagination.”

With shouts of ‘ignore the troll’ from the Twitter sidelines, Polk still wasn’t impressed…

Turker may not be a household name to many, but he has a decent poker pedigree of his own, a decade ago switching from Full Tilt to PokerStars to chase the SuperNova dream.

koray turker poker

Having reached that, and after “an extended break”, he returned to the game and played highstakes PLO before moving back to NLHE and now streams on TwitchTV under his KakiTee nickname.

As for Doyle Brunson, he seems unaffected as usual by all the brouhaha the younger players bring to the Twittersphere, instead of calling Polk out for a game of TicTacToe.

Whether Polk actually ends up playing Perkins, Brunson or even Turker is perhaps for the future, but for those of you who want to follow the big online poker match that IS taking place, check out the Polk-Negreanu Grudge Match right here.

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