November 25, 2020 Poker Gossip, Featured Articles Petr Černý

Doug Polk challenges Bill Perkins to a $200/$400 Heads-Up Match

Doug Polk called out Bill Perkins this week with a tempting “put your money where your mouth is offer” to ‘step in the ring’ for a highstakes heads-up battle, similar to the ongoing Polk-Negreanu Grudge Match.

Doug Polk challenges Bill Perkins to a $200/$400 Heads-Up Match

Bill Perkins get challenged

Bill Perkins didn’t immediately rule out accepting Polk’s challenge. He stated: “I would have to go to #Hybridpoker school and actually study AND be somewhere where poker can be played, but maybe something can be worked out!!”

That led Polk to add an enticing extra clause. He offered the Thirst Lounge supremo a massive 500,000-1 sweetener. The Upswing Poker guru declaring: “Win and you win an extra 500k. Lose you lose an extra $1.”

If it seems surprising that Polk would be discussing future challenges while still in the early stages of his heads-up for rollz battle with Negreanu, then you perhaps missed last week’s news.

As we reported, Bill Perkins came under serious fire for causing trouble in the Polk-Negreanu match, with Doug Polk livid at him for going public with a rules discussion.

Polk firing off at Perkins

Polk went on to add: “We also have a judge to arbitrate this thing, and now Perkins is just firing off with SUPER MISLEADING accusations about what has happened in this match. Completely out of line.

He finished: “This is some of the most nit-picky bitch shit I have ever been a part of.”

While Polk was firing off at Perkins, and Bill Perkins was firing off at Will Jaffe, it was Phil Galfond who stepped in as referee to clam things down and ensure the match continued.

Doug Polk challenges Bill Perkins to a $200/$400 Heads-Up Match

However, with Galfond himself currently up to his neck in a heads-up PLO Challenge match with Chance Kornuth, his wife Farah wasn’t entirely happy about him being called on at such a critical stage…

Galfond vs Kornuth

Galfond is currently down by over $200k as the pair close in on the halfway point in their match.

The RunItOnce boss stands to lose an extra $1million if he fails to turn his match around, and you can check up on the latest Galfond-Kornuth action here.

By comparison, at the time of writing, Polk has taken a very small lead in his match versus DNegsof less than one buy-in, and you can follow the latest action here.

The side-betting is still going strong, however, with Rob Yong stepping up to book a massive wager on the outcome.

With a potential match on the cards vs Bill Perkins, there was yet another legend of the game in Polk’s sights – Doyle Brunson.

Doyle Brunson poker

The grandaddy of poker, who is apparently avoiding poker due to the coronavirus pandemic, seemed unhappy that all the challenges were being played online.