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Will Kassouf confirms that he was banned for stealing chips and got fired by Grosvenor Poker!

Was Will Kassouf banned and fired as Grosvenor Pro?

There is a big story evolving around Will Kassouf. Shaun Deeb was posting on Twitter that he got caught stealing $100 chips at a roulette table and got banned from all properties as well as fired by his sponsor Grosvenor Poker:

The rumour was confirmed by British high roller Paul Newey, who wrote on 2+2:

“I am hearing an unconfirmed report that Kassouf was stealing chips from a ‘friend’ whilst they were both playing roulette and that his sponsorship by Grosvenor Casinos has been suspended pending a full investigation.”

However, it is known that Deeb and Kassouf can’t stand each other, so this needs to be treated with care. Deeb called Kassouf out for hitting his wife in an interview in July.

Will Kassouf vs Shaun Deeb

Will then countered the attack by calling Deeb: “Unprofessional, arrogant and vengeful.”


There seems to be some truth in it though as Joey Ingram called it credible on Twitter:


What is Will Kassouf being accused off?

There is a post on the 2+2 forum, which offers two versions what could have happened. It’s most likely that Kassouf stole $100 chips from a friend, while playing Roulette.

Another possiblility could be the so-called Late betting, where you add an additional chip to a bet after the ball lands in a pocket, but this needs Magician like skills, so it’s rather unlikely.

Deeb applies on Twitter as Kassouf’s successor – Gets trolled big time

Deeb than took the dispute to the next level and continued to needle Kassouf by publically applying for his role as Grosvenor ambassador on Twitter:

This fired back though as people were trolling him big time with replies such as: “Do they promote diabetes awareness” or “You wouldn’t fit in their shirts or even their chairs princess”.

So far neither Will Kassouf nor Grosvenor Poker have commented on the accusations. However, it is worth noting that Kassouf’s Twitter bio no longer has any mention of his sponsor Grosvenor Poker, so it seems likely that the accusations are true.

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Update: Will Kassouf apologizes on Twitter!

Will Kassouf has just released the below statement. He apologizes on Twitter for his mistake, although he unfortunately doesn’t explains what happened, and confirms that he is no longer a Grosvenor Poker ambassador:

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