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High Stakes Poker – Rick Salomon Loses $1,158,000 Within One Episode!

It wasn’t the day of Rick Salomon. The High Stakes Poker regular couldn’t get anything going and ended up losing a staggering $1,158,000 within one episode!

Line-up of High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 5:

Same line-up as in High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 4 which goes as follows:

They are playing 6-max No-Limit Hold’em with the highest stakes in High Stakes Poker history with blinds of $1,000/$2,000/$4,000 and a minimum buy-in of $500,000!

Andrew Robl wins a $1,508,000 Pot

There is a straddle to $4,000 and JRB open-raises to $15,000 with K♠J♠. Robl 3-bets from UTG+1 to $60,000 with K♦K♣ and Ferdinand Putra calls on the button with 9♠9♥.

Rick Salomon picks up A♥K♥ in the big blind and makes it $260,000 to go with 906K behind.

Andrew Robl, who has the whole table covered, then 5-bet shoves. Putra quickly goes out of the way, but Salomon has a real decision here with AKs.

Rick does however get away from his hand and makes a great fold, since he would have been dominated.

High Stakes Poker - Rick Salomon Loses $1,158,000 Within One Episode! (3)

Ferdinand Putra cracks Salomon’s Kings: $893,000 Pot

The straddle is on once again and Putra raises Under The Gun to $11,000 with A♣2♣. It folds to Rick Salomon on the button, who looks at K♠K♥ and pumps it up to $41,000. It folds to Ferdinand, who makes the call. Pot Size: $89,000

The flop of 2♥2♦7♦ spells disaster for Rick Salomon as Ferdinand Putra flops very well-disguised Trips. He checks to Rick, who makes a $50,000 continuation bet. Putra just calls. Pot Size: $89,000

The 10♥ on the turn doesn’t changes anything and Putra checks over to Salomon for a second time, who fires a $200,000 second barrel basically committing himself with only $152K behind.

Putra check-raises to $500,000 and Rick quickly calls it off just to see the bad news commenting it with a “Bad day for work.” They agree to run the river twice. Pot Size: $893,000

  • First Runout: 8♠ secures Putra half of the pot
  • Second Runout: 5♦ and Ferdinand Putra scoops a massive $893,000 Pot, while Rick Salomon lost his entire $1,158,000 within only one episode!

High Stakes Poker - Rick Salomon Loses $1,158,000 Within One Episode! (2)

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