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Hustler Casino Live Reg Wesley Faces Reddit Claims Of Being A Crypto Scammer

Hustler Casino Live regular Wesley also known as Dr. Hash in the crypto community is facing significant accusations of being a scammer on Reddit. The anonymous accuser says he was scammed for $250,000 and later targeted by thugs after threatening to go public.

Hustler Casino Live Reg Wesley Faces Reddit Claims Of Being A Crypto Scammer

The story starts with the accuser revealing that he and a friend developed an interest in crypto back in 2021.

After joining several Telegram groups to gather knowledge, the pair contacted Wesley aka “Dr Hash”—another pseudonym used by Wesley whose real name is Wenzhi Fei.

Hustler Casino Live Reg Wesley Faces Reddit Claims Of Being A Crypto Scammer

Wesley told them that he was a part of a team releasing a new coin called SupremeX and claimed that an investment of $250,000 would see a return of 10-50x within one year.

“He assured us that this would be our safest investment option, because of the credibility and expertise of the team behind it. He even stated that we were very fortunate to have met him at the time we did.”

They then watched the performance of SupremeX for the first two months and it looked to be stable and doing well.

At this point, on January 9, 2022, the pair decided to pull the trigger and invested $250,000; the vast majority of their life savings.

By May, the coin had not made any headway and the investors started to get concerned.

Wesley claimed that a big investor from China was about to buy in for a huge amount which would at least 10x the value of SupremeX, but in June the coin started to be sold off in large amounts.

Wesley told them that this was a part of their strategy to give the Chinese investor a lower entry point, saying the big investment would come by August 25, but on August 19 all the coins were sold off, wiping out the entire value of the coin.

Wesley then blocked the WhatsApp numbers of the distraught investors.

Jason Mo Claims He Predicted Weseley Was a Fraud Months Ago

Jason Mo tweeted that he predicted that Wesley was a fraud many months ago, picking up on his conversations on Hustler Casino Live that showed he had limited knowledge about crypto.

As for the ripped off investors, they raised a dispute with their bank and Wesley’s account was frozen, but no money was returned.

Not only that, but after a week away to de-stress in the countryside, the accuser discovered he had been burgled but only electronic data storage was taken with all valuables left behind.

The building’s video surveillance footage showed that masked men had broken in while we were away. Strangely, no possessions were taken except for our electronic file storage devices, namely a hard drive and several USB sticks. No valuables were stolen, even though the burglars could easily have taken them.”

He responded by contacting Wesley in anger, to which the reply was, “they’ve reached u and dont fuck with me. “

Wesley added that the frozen account had no money in it—”nothing in that account, lol and GG.”

The end of the statement says that Wesley made $5 million from this crypto scheme. The accuser then invites interviews from journalists where he will prove everything and reveal his identity in an unredacted documentary.