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Luxon Affiliate Program 2023

Luxon Pay is a fresh and upcoming online payment provider. It is becoming popular and supported by multiple online poker sites. Recently, the operator has also launched its own affiliate program, which will reward you for referring customers to their service. Find out what it’s all about in our in-depth review of the Luxon affiliate program 2023.

Luxon Affiliate Program 2022

Luxon Pay Affiliate Deal 2023

Luxon Pay has been established in 2018 and is, therefore, one of the world’s newest eWallets. However, the payment provider has several remarkable benefits that will make it easier for you when moving money online.

So what can you expect from the Luxon Pay Affiliate Deal?

Our Luxon Pay deal will provide you with 0.25% on all deposits that are being made to markets. i.ex. if you deposit $100.000, that means you will be getting $250 in commission.

There is no fixed cap for that 0.25% commission you will be earning, which means that you will earn $2,500 after depositing $1,000,000, etc.

In order to get users tagged to your Luxon Pay affiliate account, they have to sign up through your signup link. Therefore, you can request Luxon Pay trackers as needed.

You will receive a monthly report which will display all total deposits and commissions that have been generated on your personal tracker.

Why should you promote Luxon Pay?

There are many high-volume players who do not have Luxon accounts yet. However, it is highly likely that Luxon Pay will be growing in popularity due to its low fees compared to other payment providers such as NETELLER or Skrill. 

The p2p fees, in particular, are what stand out the most because these transfers are totally free of charge. You can find all relevant Luxon Pay Fees on their website.

Unlike the other wallets where you have to open separate USD, EUR, and GBP accounts. 

Moreover, if you hit the targets to maintain your VIP on each of the accounts, you can exchange all currencies using your Luxon Pay account easily and smoothly.  The VIP levels at Luxon Pay are also fairly easy to achieve. 

Furthermore, you can also use cryptocurrencies to fund your Luxon Pay wallet.

The default swap spreads are similar to Coinbase/Kraken rates. However, we can also upgrade your account to 1.5% spread / OTC deals (over the counter) if you are moving large amounts of money ($100k+).

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested in getting an upgrade for your Luxon Pay account. 

Luxon Pay is currently available for both, deposits and withdrawals at partypoker & Bwin. We expect other large networks to start accepting this new payment operator in the near future as well.


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