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Best Drunk Poker Players Videos

Every poker player will have had to deal with a drunken opponent at the table, whether it’s a friend, a complete stranger, an annoying individual. It is a source of great fun or a potential mark whose money is only safe while he is being lucky.

Today we are going to look at some of the best drunken poker player clips caught on camera, and we’ll start with one of the poker world’s most famous players…

Best Drunk Poker Players Videos

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Tony G: “Bring more Russians on!”

Whether Tony was being belligerent because he was drunk, or drunk on his own belligerence, the effect was an astonishingly brutal verbal attack on the Russian with the distinctly non-Russian name, Ralph Perry.

Tony, real name Antanas Guoga, a former politician who dabbled in bitcoin poker, was at his loudmouth bullying best (or worst, depending on your viewpoint) when his opponent Perry called off the Lithuanian pro’s shove with just KJ.

“You play very, very well!” said Tony sarcastically on seeing the cards, and when the board bricked for Perry, he launched the legendary: “You are a professional and I can do this to you. You are a terrible player…bring more Russians on!”

When Roger Teska ordered a cocktail waitress!

A Caribbean adventure probably wouldn’t be the same without an occasional cocktail or two to enjoy the sunset with, but for Roger Teska that number grew into double figures, and earned him a warning!

The youthful-looking US pro was actually almost 30-years old in this first compilation clip, his 2104 run to 20th spot and a $70k cash at the PCA in the Bahamas.

The drowsy-drunk table manner was replaced the following year by a more voluble version, earning a warning from the floor after giving the cameras the single-figure salute several times.

When told he would have the tournament director to contend with, Teska’s reply was priceless: “You get him for me…and order me a cocktail waitress while you’re at it.”

Morten Klein’s “last beer equity”

A clear head would usually be the recommended approach when you have the likes of Mustafa Kanit, John Juanda, and Sam Trickett at your table. Norway’s Morten Klein, however, took a different approach to the EPT Super High Roller table.

A big hand arose against Kanit, who sniffed out a suspicious river bet of about one-tenth of the pot, though he had to listen to a drunk Klein’s spiel about how he had made the best hand or, as Klein put it: “I’m bluffing, I don’t