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Poker Hand of the Week – Tony G Bluffs Paul Phua of Trips with just Bottom Pair!

We analyse the massive bluff by Tony G with just bottom pair vs. Paul Phua’s Trips at the $100,000 Short Deck Final Table at Super High Rolller Bowl Europe.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

We are at the final table of Super High Roller Bowl Europe Event #7, a $100,000 Short Deck, which features high rollers Tony G and Paul Phua.

Poker Hand of the Week - Tony G Bluffs Paul Phua of Trips with just Bottom Pair!

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We are heads-up for the title with basically even stacks, but Paul Phua having Tony G just covered.

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


At Blinds of 50,000/100,000 Paul Phua raises to 220,000 from the button with 10♠9♠ and Tony G makes a loose defend with J♥7♦. Pot Size: $440,000


The flop of 8♥K♠7♥ is very interesting as Phua picks up and Open-Ender, while Tony G makes bottom pair.

Paul makes a continuation bet of 270,000 and Tony quickly raises to 800,000, Phua calls. And just like that there are 2,040,000 in the pot.


The 10♦ on the turn gives Paul Phua the lead, but he checks and Tony G checks behind. Pot Size: 2,040,000


The 10♥ on the river is a very spicy card as it not only completes the flush and full house, but also makes Paul Trips. Phua checks for a second time over to Tony G, who now fires 1,500,000 into 2,040,000 (74% pot).

Phua thinks for only 15 seconds and then throws his hand into the muck, while Tony G wins a massive 3,540,000 pot with just bottom pair.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Very nice bluff by Tony G, who tells a credible story of having a flush or full house. Let’s take an in-depth look at it.

The preflop raise by Paul Phua with 10s9s is standard, but Tony G’s defend with J7o is pretty loose, but can be done every once in a while given the fact that we are heads-up.

After having flopped an Open-Ended Straight Draw, Phua has an easy cbet here, which gets quickly raised by Tony G with just bottom pair to 3x and snap-called by Paul.

The Ten on the turn gives Paul Phua the lead, but actually benefits the range of Tony G, so it goes check-check.

The Ten of hearts on the river at first glance looks like a good card for Phua, but it actually completes both draws (Flush and Full House) that Tony G has been representing on the flop.

Phua therefore checks his Trips and Tony G goes for a 3/4 bet, which is exactly the sizing he would bet with a flush. Paul Phua says: “You hit the flush?” and then quickly sends his cards into the muck.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

This hand is the perfect example how important it is to tell the story of a bluff convincingly to the end.

With his raise on the flop Tony G represents either a set or a flush draw. Both of these draws come in on the river and have Paul’s Trips eat.

On top of that, Tony G choses the perfect sizing as 3/4 pot is what he would be with all his value hands.

The combination of a credible story and the right sizing leads to the success of this great bluff and Tony sends Paul Phua on his bike!

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here from 4:11:

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