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High Stakes Poker – Doug Polk Loses Two Huge Pots In A Row

There were fireworks in the last episode of High Stakes Poker Season 11 and it was a rough one for Doug Polk, who lost two massive pots.

Action-packed Line-up

They continue with the same line-up as High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 13, which goes as follows:

They are playing 7-handed $400/$800 No-Limit Hold’em with a $100,000 minimum buy-in and no cap.

Rob Yong turns the Nuts vs. Two Pair: $487,100 Pot

JRB raises UTG to $4,000 with 7♥6♥, Doug Polk 3-bets right behind him to $13,000 with J♥10♥, Nik Airball calls with 9♦9 on the button as do Rob Yong in the small blind holding K♥Q♥ and JRB. Pot Size: $53,100

4-way to a flop of 7♠10♣A♥, which has a little bit for everybody. It checks to Polk, who makes a $17,000 cbet, Rob calls and JRB and Airball fold. Pot Size: $87,100

The J♠ on the turn is the money card for Rob Yong as he turns Broadway, while Doug Polk turns Two Pair. Yong checks and Doug surprisingly checks behind.

The 3♦ on the river doesn’t change anything, and Rob checks for a third time. Polk makes a $50,500 value bet and Rob check-raises to $200,000 sending Doug deep into the tank.

After a little bit over a minute, Doug Polk flicks in the call just to see the bad news. Rob Yong wins a huge $487,100 pot.

High Stakes Poker - Doug Polk Loses Two Huge Pots In A Row (2)

Doug Polk gets coolered by Eric Persson: $267,500 Pot

Soon after that huge hand, Doug Polk once again got involved in a big pot, this time against Eric Persson.

Polk raises from UTG+1 to $2,000 with K10♠. It folds around to Eric Persson in the big blind, who mixes it up by just calling with J♦J♣. Pot Size: $5,500

Heads-up to a flop of 8♠Q♣9♥, which gives both opponents a gutshot. Eric check-calls Doug’s $4,000 continuatuon bet and we see a turn. Pot Size: $13,500

The J♥ on the turn is the absolute action card as it brings Polk the Nut Straight and Persson a set. Eric check-calls Polk’s $7,000 second barrel. Pot Size: $27,500

9♠ on the turn and Eric checks once again. Polk bets $20,000 and Persson makes a huge 6x check-raise to $120,000.

After thinking for a while, Polk pays it off and is wrong again, resulting in losing another big $267,500 Pot.

High Stakes Poker - Doug Polk Loses Two Huge Pots In A Row

That’s it for High Stakes Poker Season 11 and we are already curious, what PokerGo and the producers have in mind for Season 12.

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