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Doyle Brunson Saw a Man Get Shot and His Brain Splatter All Over the Wall

American poker legend Doyle Brunson has revealed how he saw a man shot in the head during a poker game.

Doyle Brunson

The all-time great has been telling many old school stories on his Twitter account during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Doyle Brunson – Old School

Doyle Brunson has told many shocking stories about his poker career back in the old days. The Texan often said that the toughest part of poker back then was not winning the money, but actually getting out of town with it all.

Today’s pampered generation have little context to understand exactly what US poker rooms were like back then.

Illegal games often attracted the attention of both the law and the lawless making life as a card playing professional a difficult prospect.

Fort Worth, Texas, was one such location in Brunson’s past that contained plenty of such stories, as well as the most shocking poker tale you’re ever likely to hear.

When asked for his favourite Fort Worth story Brunson said,

“My 1st year as a pro, I was playing in a pool hall on the stockyards when a man came in and shot a player. His brains seemed to splatter all over the wall.”

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson – The Movie

Immediately there were calls for a Doyle Brunson movie to be made. This would be the biggest and most popular poker movie ever produced.

The problem seems to be that many of the details are so shocking that Brunson isn’t willing to share them.

For example, following the murder in Fort Worth Brunson said,

“We all ran out the back door to keep from talking to cops. We had to go through a cold, cold creek.”

There must be tons of stories that Brunson could share with us but because of potential legal issues, or opening up the possibility of old scores being settled, he must remain silent.

Doyle Brunson

Texas Hold’em in Texas

Playing texas hold’em poker in Texas is clearly a different beast from the glitzy card rooms of today.

One of Brunson’s Twitter followers said his game was robbed at gunpoint in 2019 to which Brunson replied he was amazed that the players weren’t carrying themselves for protection.

“Nobody pulled on them? No chance in my day. It would have been like the showdown at the OK Corral.”

He further explained that in all his career he was only the victim of an in-game robbery five times which surprised more than a few.

Brunson’s explanation of why certainly clarified the situation.

“Most games had armed security standing around. One in Duncan Oklahoma the game had a manned 50 caliber machine gun on the roof where we played.”

There were two more incredible tales from the old days.

One told how Brunson once lost a pot in a lowball game and his opponent keeled over and died whilst reaching for the chips.This amusingly started a discussion on what the correct ruling would be in such a situation.

The other story was in reply to Joey Ingram asking if Brunson had ever deliberately folded a winning hand because he might get killed if he won.

Brunson replied,

“No, but I was in a partnership with Dickey Carson. He picked up a pat 8 in 2-7, he was in the pot with “Patch” from Dallas. Patch had been losing all night and he took a knife, slammed it on the table and said he was going to kill anyone who beat him.”

All in all, Brunson must have had the most interesting poker career in history and we’d all love to hear more from him.

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