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PokerBros Review – Everything you need to know about the PokerBros App

PokerBros Review  – What is PokerBros?

PokerBros is a mobile poker app, which to be exact is a newer version of Upoker and PPPoker. Launched in 2019, it has now grown to be a major platform for various clubs from all over the world. Check out our in-depth PokerBros Review below!

PokerBros Review - Everything you need to know about the PokerBros App

Its user interface features the latest generation graphics, it is well-designed and intuitive, so you shouldn’t have any issues getting accustomed to it in no time!

PokerBros was originally meant to be an Android and iPhone poker app. In contrast to Upoker and PPPoker, there is no standalone Windows client available, however it’s possible to play from your PC using an Android emulator such as Nox.

Why are you offering PokerBros? Aren’t poker apps play money only?

PokerBros is an online social gaming platform, which uses a play money model and does not provide any real money games.

This is where agents like us come in. Club agents process deposits and withdrawals by attributing real value to PokerBros chips – and then exchanging them for cash after the game is finished. This effectively makes the club a real money club.


Real money poker clubs were originally meant to offer games to poker players living in countries with restrictive gambling regulations, thereby avoiding any potential legal issues.

However, as apps became more and more popular, players from other countries also joined in on the action.

Within only a few years, the poker app market has grown immensely and at a much faster rate than expected. We expect this trend to continue in the future.

What are the cash games like?

The games at Pokerbros are very soft and can be EXTREMELY profitable. That’s why we highly recommend to try the app.

The reason for this is mainly the large share of players being recreational with their VPIPs frequently above 50 %, making the games very juicy.

Since Pokerbros was primarily designed for your mobile phone, it is possible to play anywhere, anytime, which greatly increases the traffic.


Most clubs have more than 100 active tables, depending on the time zone, which means you’ll be able to find action at any time of the day!

Whether you are looking for No-limit Hold’em, Pot-limit Omaha, Open-face Chinese poker or Short Deck poker, heads-up, 6-max or full ring versions, micro-limits or high stakes, or are interested in tourneys, PokerBros got you covered!

Games usually run from $0.10/$0.20 all the way up to  NL$25/$50, so there is the right game for every bankroll.

How does the PokerBros deal you are offering look like?

We work exclusively with reliable & trusted real money clubs and can also advise which one to join, based on your preferred game format.

Our PokerBros club portfolio is constantly growing. We also have a lot of experience with poker apps, so we’re certain you’ll be satisfied with our services.

Our exclusive PokerBros deals differ from one club to another. However, they are normally more favourable than those offered at classic poker sites.

In terms of customer service, we are offering 24/7 live support, including fast & reliable deposits and cashouts. Money flow between agents and players can be done using e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, etc.) or via cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Tether (USDT).

Also, have we mentioned that players from ALL OVER THE WORLD are welcome?

Contact us to get a complete list of our Pokerbros clubs and rakeback deals today!

PokerBros Review – How to Sign Up?

Signing up at PokerBros is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Please follow the below step by step guide and you are good to go!

  • If you want to play PokerBros from your PC, you need to install Android emulator (if you intend to play from your phone, skip points 1 & 2). There are many different ones, however we recommend either Nox Player or LDPlayer. 
  • You can now proceed with the PokerBros client by seaching for it within the emulator search bar & installing it. Please contact us in case you encounter any problems and we’ll send you the APK file.
  • Fill out the form & register. Choose a nick name and bind your email.
  • You will now be transferred to the PokerBros lobby. To play, you need to join a club. 
  • Enter the respective club ID & hit “Next”.
  • A new window will pop up. Click “Join”.
  • Please inform your agent of the details of your poker account (Username + ID), the club you applied for and how much money you would like to deposit.
  • The agent will then process your deposit and arrange that poker chips are loaded into your account. That’s all! You are good to go now!

Withdrawals are processed in the same manner as deposits. Just let your agent know how much you want to cashout and where you would like the poker funds to be sent.

PokerBros Review – Is there a way to test the app?

Yes, there is! You can use one of the below test accounts, if you are not sure whether to open an account or not.

With the below accounts you get an impression what it is like to play online poker at PokerBros.

Test account 1:

  • Username: demovip888
  • Password: demovip8888

Test account 2:

  • Username: testpb
  • Password: testpb1234

Contact us to set up your PokerBros account

In case you have any questions or problems regarding PokerBros or want to set up an account, please do not hesitate to contact us under:

[go_pricing id=”my_first_5_5fa52d21f349f”]

Moreover, we are also supporting our players via Telegram.

Terms and conditions apply. New customer offer and 18+ only. Should you require help regarding your betting pattern, please visit

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