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Veronica Brill says Mike Postle was in jail for domestic violence

New claims against Mike Postle

The Mike Postle alleged cheating case may have ground to a halt in the courts, but on Twitter, it’s a different matter – with Postlegatewhistleblower Veronica Brill claiming Postle has been jailed for ‘domestic violence’…

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That tweet came not long after someone claiming to be Mike Postle’s ex-wife contacted Brill on Twitter, and putting two and two together makes it fairly clear where the accusations originated…

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The Postlegateaffair has become the biggest alleged cheating case in poker since the Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker superuser scandal broke in the noughties.

The $30million lawsuit against Postle and others was recently dismissed in a California court, with the poker community shocked by the decision.

Discussions are currently underway by the respective legal teams to agree on a settlement that would see the players who believe Postle cheated them recompensed, rather than appeal the decision.

MarleCoreiro’s case against Postle, brought in Nevada, has also been dismissed, on jurisdictional grounds.

Veronica Brill says Mike Postle was in jail for domestic violence

Veronica Brill vs Postle supporters

In the meantime, Veronica Brill – aka Angry_Polak, the whistleblower who blew the story wide open – has been targeted yet again by what she believes to be pro-Postle supporters.

That video compilation, doubtless inspired by the recent Doug Polk/ Thomas Keeling hatchet job on Daniel Negreanu, tries to portray Brill in a less-than-favorable light.

The recently-made ‘PokerHeroes1’ account on Twitter slated Brill, Doug Polk, and Jeff Boski in its first three compilations.

Veronica Brill says Mike Postle was in jail for domestic violence

That trio has been front and center in the ‘Postle is clearly a cheat’ section of the poker community.

The new account reflects a small part of the poker world that has been defending Postle since the claims broke last October.

Postle worked for Rounder Life magazine, run by Evert Caldwell, who has similarly been tweeting regularly against those convinced of Postle’s guilt.

The latest anonymous pro-Postletweets follow last week’s strange ‘Netflix’ encounter.

That saw Brill dealing with a director/producer claiming to have her opponents’ backing to produce a documentary on Postlegate…

Whether any or all of these efforts aimed at Brill are connected and working together is, as yet, unknown.

As for Brill’s chat with Postle’s ex-wife – and the ‘domestic abuse’ claims – that too is under investigation.

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