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Matt Berkey and Jonathan Little provide new evidence in Mike Postle cheating scandal

The Mike Postle cheating scandal has produced more angles and lines of investigation than most people can keep up with. This past week or two has seen famous pros Matt Berkey and Jonathan Little diving into the debate, with varying reactions from the poker community…

Matt Berkey
Matt Berkey
Jonathan Little
Jonathan Little

We have provided an in-depth coverage on the Mike Postle cheating scandal and $30,000,000 Mike Postle Lawsuit and you can read everything you need to know about it here:

While Matt Berkey was being praised for his eureka moment, ‘stumbling’ upon a method that Mike Postle could have used to access the live stream feed, Little was coming under fire for changing the title of an old video – making it look a bit like he was first to discover Postle’s cheating.

Starting with Berkey’s discovery, nobody has been exactly sure how Mike Postle – believed to be able to see his opponents’ hole cards –   could get a hold of the live feed.

Matt Berkey, the Solve for Why Academy CEO, however, has vast experience on the technical side of RFID tables and the solution came to him in a flash of brilliance.

One day later, Berkey presented his findings to the community, offering a very simple solution to the taxing question of ‘how?’

With official investigations currently underway, the Californian DOJ apparently on the case though they have declined to comment, it will be interesting to see if they come up with something to back-up Berkey’s findings.

In the meantime, Jonathan Little was receiving a less than enthusiastic response to the first part of his own look at the Postle case.

A perfectly good video, of course, except that it was originally published in June under a different title – ‘Getting Out-of-Line in a $5/$10 Cash Game!’

That was enough for some to claim Little was simply ‘cashing in’ on the Postle/Stones scandal, as seen in the YouTube comments…

– ‘changing the title is kinda greasy’

– ‘Full disclosure – this video should note that the title has been edited recently…kinda shady’

– ‘Way to change the title of the video you uploaded in June just to get people to click and watch the video then you pin a link to your book… Classy! I’m sure you’ll delete this reply.’

…particularly as many seemed completely unaware that Little had simply updated an old video…

– ‘People saying that u haven’t done enough in this case, when u actually pointed at Postle for possible cheating like 4 months before all this drama started…’

– ‘Seems you were ahead of the game on the Mike Postle scandal, well done sir…’

– ‘Wow he was outed 3 months ago and this is only gaining traction now?’

– ‘Wow Johnathon Little, you questioned Postle as possible cheater in June 6, 2019 way before anyone.’

Little was quick to respond to the criticism, stating: ‘Youtube allows and incentivizes you to change titles to get more viewers. You may find this difficult to believe, but youtube wants you to find relevant content on their platform.

He added: ‘If you do not like how youtube works, feel free to use other video sharing platforms that do not want content creators to change titles, thumbnails, descriptions, end screens, etc. (although I do not think there are any).

That did little to appease some though, one reply from ‘AceHighJohn’ reading: ‘Although YouTube allows title changes, the title you have chosen here is pure clickbait…’

Not that clickbait titles are anything new, and Little had at least tweeted out the video in question with an explanation…

…but it seems he still hasn’t updated the title or blurb for his YouTube video to clarify it’s an old one, revisited in light of the Postle cheating allegations.

Forumites over at 2plus2 were also a bit miffed at Little’s clickbait approach, one alleging: ‘…he’s still hearting and upvoting the people giving him props for being the first to call out Mike Postle, thus reinforcing their false notion that he was the first and ensuring they get more visibility than the non-hearted and non-upvoted explanations of the title change.’


Looking on the bright side, it is, of course, excellent for the poker community to have such luminaries of the game involved in the investigation.

However, it appears that news still takes time to travel in the internet age, Daniel Negreanu running straw polls at the WSOPE in Rozvadov, with somewhat surprising results…

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