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How to use Rakeback Deals to make more money while playing online poker?

How to use Rakeback to make more money in online poker?

Poker is a winner’s game, and there is no way to make money playing poker unless you’re there collecting the winning pot at the end of the round, right? Wrong. Rakeback deals exist on various online sites and are made available for anyone who might be looking for a way to make some sure money in poker, even if they don’t win the big pot.

How do rakeback offers work? The definition of rakeback is the cash refund of rake charged from a player by a poker room. In other words, a rakeback gives you the ability to make money on the money you pay to play in any particular poker room.

Because poker is a game where players make money by betting against other players, online poker sites have no way of making any money because you’re not betting against “the house”. Most online poker sites take about 5% of the money from the pot of each round. A rakeback gives players the opportunity to make a percentage of their rake back every time they play.

How Does Rakeback Work?

Different online poker rooms have established revenue share agreements with rakeback offer sites that specialize in rakeback offers. The sites allow players to create an account with them, which then creates a way to track all rake paid to any of the poker rooms registered in the account. Based on the revenue share agreement already established, a percentage of your rake is calculated and paid directly back to your poker account on a monthly basis.

Creating an account and utilizing rakeback offers can help you save an average of 25% or more, depending upon which rakeback offers you take, of any rake you pay.

There are two ways to determine how much of your rake will be given back to you. In the shared method, the rake is divided equally to any players who are dealt cards. In the contributed method, any player who contributes money to the pot can receive rakeback.

The amount of rakeback credited is dependent upon the amount of money the player contributed to the pot. Both methods can be viable ways to decrease your rake every time you play.

The easiest way to find out which online poker rooms present rakeback is to look at VIP-Grinder’s Rakeback Deals. Once you find good rakeback deals, you will be given a choice of online poker rooms that have established revenue share agreements with the rakeback offer site.

This allows you to choose a poker room with which to sign up and to set up an account in that room. After you set up your account with your chosen poker room, you will then be asked to set up an account with the rakeback offer site. The rakeback offer site then keeps track of all the rake you pay to play in your chosen poker room and deposits it back into your account at the end of the month. It’s that easy.

Poker rooms want new players, and they’re willing to pay rakeback offer sites good money to bring them in. This can only work to your advantage. Find as many rakeback offer sites as you can. Take your time and check out all the poker rooms available and what rakeback percentage is good for you.

Find out if the poker rooms are using the shared method or the contributed method of rakeback and analyze your playing style to determine which method works to your advantage. Most rakeback offer sites have “rakeback calculators” that allow you to get a general idea of what your rakeback potential would be for your chosen room. Calculate, analyze, and get ready to make some money playing poker, even if you don’t walk away with the big one.

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