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Niklas_Astedt poker
Lars Liedtke | 19.09.23 | MTT Report
Lena900 did it again! The Swedish online poker superstar once again left the competition no chance and won 2023 WCOOP 38-H for a staggering $113,569.71.
MTT Report - Vocaaas With A Lightning Start Into The 2023 WCOOP (4)
Lars Liedtke | 12.09.23 | MTT Report
Czech online regular Vocaaas has had an absolute dream start into the 2023 WCOOP by winning Event #7 and chip leading in Event #2, which is a 2-Day-Event.
MTT Report - €urop€an Defeats SmilleThHero In The Titans Event
Lars Liedtke | 04.09.23 | MTT Report
It was the Clash of the Online Poker Titans in PokerStars' most expensive weekly tournament with €urop€an vs. SmilleThHero.
Ian Drake
Lars Liedtke | 28.08.23 | MTT Report
Ian Drake has shipped PokerStars most expensive weekly tournament for $87,003, while Tomi Brouk won the 525 Sunday Big Shot at 888poker again!
MTT Report - Juan Pardo Wins The Titans Event
Lars Liedtke | 21.08.23 | MTT Report
Juan Pardo continues to crush online high stakes tournaments by winning the Titans Event, PokerStars' most expensive weekly tournament.
MTT Report - Dream Sunday Grind For Daniel Smiljkovic3
Lars Liedtke | 15.08.23 | MTT Report
Daniel Smiljkovic is one of the most underrated poker tournament players in the world. In the last Sunday Grind he won 3 major titles and made several final tables.
MTT Report - Ramiro Petrone Wins GGMasters High Rollers, €urop€an the Titans Event
Lars Liedtke | 08.08.23 | MTT Report
The two biggest prized tournaments of last week ended with famous winners. Ramiro Petrone took down the GGMasters, while "€urop€an" defeated Lena900 to win the Titans Event.
MTT Report - Thomas Mühlöcker Wins The PokerStars Titans Event For $93,217.23