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SuperPoker Review

SuperPoker App Traffic and Software

SuperPoker is an upcoming and fast growing Mobile Poker App, which focuses on the Chinese and Asian market. It is part of the big boom in Asian Poker apps, which started in 2017 and was lead by Pokermaster.


SuperPoker is available for all mobile devices and operating systems such as Android, iOS, iPhone and iPad.


While the software was originally built for mobile devices, you can also play on your PC or desktop by using an emulator. This enables multitabling and makes playing online poker at SuperPoker much more profitable.


We have included a guide how to install and setup the emulator software below in this SuperPoker Review.


One of the biggest benefits is that the games are full of Asian fish and softer than anywhere else! In combination with an emulator playing online poker at Superpoker can be extremely profitable.


Games are running in Chinese Yuan (CNY) and traffic is decent and constantly increasing starting at NL300 and going all the way up to NL3000.


Please check out our in-depth SuperPoker Review below for detailed information on Superpoker Rakeback, Traffic, Software, Competition and Promotions.


SuperPoker Review created by online poker experts


Our team consisting of professional poker players and online poker experts has spent countless hours of playing to be able to creat this state of the art SuperPoker review.


The software runs smooth and is very stable. Like most Asian poker apps and online poker sites, the design is very modern and colourful.


Despite being developed for iOS and Android devices and therefore being adapted for smaller screens, it is clearly structured and very easy to navigate.


As already mentioned, the biggest advantage of playing at SuperPoker are the very soft games filled with a huge amount of Chinese and Asian fish as well as recreational players, not only at low and mid stakes, but also at the higher stakes.


Traffic is very decent and on the rise, so you will have no problem to get enough action no matter what limits you are playing.


How to open an Account at SuperPoker?


While the registration process on SuperPoker is straightforward, it slightly differs from other online poker rooms. That’s why we put together this step-by-step registration guide. If you have any questions that are not addressed, please contact us and our agents will be happy to guide you through the process.


Step 1 – Download and Install the SuperPoker App


To start playing on SuperPoker, you have to first download and install the SuperPoker App onto your device.


To do that, choose your operating system below and follow the instructions on the screen. If you’d like to play on your PC, please follow the emulator instructions provided below.


android download


SuperPoker Emulator


To get SuperPoker up and running on your PC, you will first need to download the LDPlayer App Player Emulator software by clicking here.


You will be redirected to the download page of the emulator. Once there click the download button like in the screenshot below.




Once the download has finished, launch it to begin the installation process and click “Install”. After that, simply follow the instructions on the screen to get it installed.




You can install the SuperPoker App straight after. Click Here to download the APK file which is used to install the app on the emulator.


After the file has downloaded, double-click the LDPlayer icon to launch it and drag & drop the APK file directly into the emulator. The installation should automatically start after that.


Step 2 – Contact us to get your SuperPoker Account


Once you have successfully installed the SuperPoker App, kindly contact us via support@vip-grinders.com or Skype vip-grinders.asia and our agents will provide you with an account and log-in details.


SuperPoker Review Traffic and Software 


SuperPoker currently offers No Limit Texas Hold’em tables at three stakes: 10/20/40, 20/40/80 and 50/100/200 CNY which is comparable to NL300 – NL3000 in USD


All games run in CNY (Chinese Yuan). At the time of writing 1 USD equals 6,3 CNY and you can find the exact exchange rate HERE.


SuperPoker Review Traffic


The traffic at SuperPoker is decent and increasing all the way up to 50/100 CNY. You should not have any problems getting up multiple tables during any session.


The tables are filled with fish and therefore our SuperPoker Deal is great for grinders looking for juicy games.


SuperPoker Review Software


The SuperPoker Software was initially designed to be used on iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.




It is well developed, offers a modern design and without any major bugs. While it is reliable, you might miss some advanced features that are usually built into online poker clients.




One drawback of mobile poker apps is the lack of multi-tabling features as you can only play one table per mobile device. But, as we mentioned at the beginning of our SuperPoker Review, that can be solved by using an Emulator to play on your PC.


SuperPoker Review Rake Structure


The rake on SuperPoker works similarly to other private poker apps. The great thing is, if you lose you don’t have to pay any rake!


Rake is only paid on winning sessions and is 5%. That means that you will only have to pay around 2,5% rake in the long term.


SuperPoker Rakeback


Currently, there is no SuperPoker Rakeback Deal available but the games are soft enough to still be profitable without it.


SuperPoker App


As we mentioned before, the SuperPoker App is available for iOS and Android operating systems.


Without using an emulator, you can play online poker at Superpoker only on your smartphone or tablet as explained in detail above in our SuperPoker Review.




SuperPoker is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems as well as with windows if you use the LDPlayer.




To download the SuperPoker App onto your mobile device, simply click on the buttons below, depending on the operating system you are using.


android download


SuperPoker Review Payment Options


The payment options that are available to our SuperPoker players are Skrill / Neteller (EUR or USD), as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


All payments to and from SuperPoker are handled by the agent and our agents will be available around the clock to assist you with payments. Deposits are credited instantly to your accounts.


Cashout History and Processing Times


Cashouts at SuperPoker are processed within 24 hours after request and our agents are available to assist you at all times.


Our agents will be at your personal assistance 24/7 to help with both deposits and cashouts and will ensure you get paid in time!


If you play cash games above NL300 and are looking for juicy games look no further.


Contact us and we will provide you with our fantastic SuperPoker Deal as well as the emulator software so that you can start grinding and multi table at SuperPoker today!


Company Information:

Company Name: SuperPoker
Website:  –
Network: SuperPoker
Skrill Loyalty: No
P2P Option: Yes

restricted Countries:

No country restrictions.

SuperPoker Support Details:

Email: support@vip-grinders.com
Live Chat: Yes
Phone: No

Software Compatibility:

SuperPoker Games & limits:

Average Total Players:  –
Average Cash Players:  –
HEM/PT Compatibility: Yes
Rake Structure: 5%
NLH 6max: Up to NL1500
NLH HU:  –
PLO 6max:  –
PLO HU:  –


Top Pokers Deals:

SuperPoker Review – Traffic and Games

The SuperPoker App is one of many Mobile Poker Apps that became popular in the midst of the Asian Poker Boom that started in early 2017. In the following SuperPoker review, we will take a close look at the apps traffic, games, rake and the SuperPoker Rakeback Deal.

SuperPoker is known to offer some of the softest if not the softest games currently available anywhere online. Because it’s focusing primarily on the Chinese and Asian market, the games are filled with inexperienced players and fish looking to gamble.

The app itself is built to run on all modern mobile devices including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. You can also access it from a desktop computer by using an emulator. The emulator software will allow you to multi table and therefore increase your profitability.

The traffic on SuperPoker is growing by the day and there is always loads of action. The games run in Chinese Yuan (CNY) and stakes start at NL300 and go all the way up to NL3000.

SuperPoker Review Traffic

As we mentioned at the beginning of this SuperPoker Review, the traffic at the apps tables is steadily growing with no signs of stopping.

Most of the players come from China and other Asian countries where games like No Limit Hold’em are relatively new. That means that there is a lot of recreational players and fish at the tables. SuperPoker offers the softest games of all Asian Mobile Poker Apps.


On average there are 80 to 100 players active at SuperPoker App’s tables with stakes ranging from 10/20 to 50/100 CNY which roughly equals NL300 – NL3000 in USD.

As you can see in the graph above, the SuperPoker Traffic stays pretty consistent throughout the week, so you should not have trouble finding action any day of the week.

SuperPoker Account and Table Currency

The main account and table currency on SuperPoker are Chinese Yuan. While you can make a deposit in USD or EUR, your funds will be converted into CNY, which, at the time of writing trades at about 6,3 CNY per 1 USD. You can find the exact exchange rate HERE.

SuperPoker Review Cash Games

The SuperPoker App focuses exclusively on Cash Games which means that the traffic figures presented above represent the number of players at the Cash Game tables.

All tables are 8-max and the only difference between them is the stake. Currently, 10/20/40, 20/40/80 and 50/100/200 CNY are available, and all of them get decent traffic around the clock.

No Limit Hold’em


The only games that take place on SuperPoker are No Limit Hold’em. There is usually anywhere between 15 and 20 tables available with 10/20 and 50/100 CNY tables getting the most traffic. That means that the SuperPoker App is especially good for higher stakes NLHE grinders.

Pot Limit Omaha


On the other hand, PLO players will want to look elsewhere for Omaha action as SuperPoker does not currently offer anything else than NLHE games.

SuperPoker Review Software

As said at the beginning of our SuperPoker Review, the app was built to run on iOS and Android mobile devices. It looks great on iPhone, iPad and any other smartphone or tablet.

Just like it’s the case with other Asian Mobile Poker apps, the app is oriented in a portrait mode which means you don’t need to tilt your phone while playing.


When it comes to features the SuperPoker App might lack some features online poker players usually take for granted, but that makes sense as it needs to be light in order to run smoothly on a wide range of different devices.


Overall the app serves its purpose and is stable, so you don’t have to worry about bugs or crashes.

You can only play one table per mobile device which might affect your hourly rate, but that can be simply solved by using an emulator.

SuperPoker Emulator and Multi-tabling

If you would like to play on your PC and multitable, you will need to use a special emulator software that allows you to run Android apps.

To setup the LDPlayer App Player Emulator software follow the simple installation guide below:

  1. Visit the LDPlayer App Player Emulator website.
  2. Click the orange “Download” button.
  3. Let it download and then follow the installation instructions on the screen.
  4. Download the SuperPoker APK file.
  5. Drag & drop the APK file directly into the emulator to install it.


SuperPoker HUD

The SuperPoker App doesn’t support any Heads Up Display or tracking software. But, don’t worry, that means the games are even softer and easier to beat. Keep checking back to our SuperPoker Review as we will update this section if a SuperPoker HUD becomes available.

SuperPoker Review Rake Structure and Caps

The rake on SuperPoker works similarly to other private poker apps. When the action on a single table is over, the agents will collect the funds in play, and calculate the amount of rake each player is supposed to pay.

While the rake in all games is 5%, you only pay it if you had a winning session. That means that in the longer run, you only pay around 2,5% rake.

SuperPoker Rakeback Deal

SuperPoker offers loads of great action but, sadly, there is no SuperPoker Rakeback Deal currently available.

That being said, the games are so soft, most of our readers should be able to crush the opposition and play profitably without it.

SuperPoker Review Conclusion

The SuperPoker App gives cash game players looking for some soft high stakes action a great opportunity to play against some of the softest fields available anywhere online. We especially recommend it to anyone playing NL300 or higher.

While setting it up and playing might differ slightly from what you are used to, it’s worth the effort.

To get access to SuperPoker and in order, to set up your account and fund it, contact us via e-mail at support@vip-grinders.com or Skype: vip-grinders.asia.

Beckatw, 28th May 2018
nice fishes
Beckatw, 28th May 2018
nice fishes
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