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Poker Hand of the Week – Garrett Adelstein folds a Full House in a $200,000 Pot!

The Setup

Garett Adelstein and Andy Tsai are both regulars in the high stakes games at Live at the Bike!

Poker Hand of the Week - Garrett Adelstein folds a Full House in a $200,000 Pot!

Both are excellent and aggressive cash game players and know each other’s game very well as they have a lot of history and often play against each other.

This time they clash in a massive pot, when both of them hit a set on the flop after a lot of preflop action. View our analysis and watch the Poker Hand of the Week below!

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Preflop Action:

Gman finds J♠J♣ in UTG+1 and raises to $600 and Smiley calls with Pocket Sixes in the Hijack.

Andy wakes up with K♠K♣ in the cut-off and 3bets to $2,400. When the action comes back to Garrett he puts in a big 4-bet to $9,600, Smiley quickly gets out of the way and Andy just calls.


The dealer lays 3♣K♥J♦ into the middle. An absolute monster flop as Andy hits top and Garrett middle set.

Adelstein bets $7,800 and Tsai sets the trap and continues his slow play by just calling.


The turn brings the Q♠ and Gman fires $14,000 into $34,400 and Andy again just flats! Potsize: $62,300


On the River Q♦ the board pairs and makes both players a full house. Garett has Andy covered as Tsai has less than a potsize bet left.

Adelstein must believe that he has the best hand and probably just thinks how to get the most money out of Tsai. He decides on a bet of $30,000 into $62,300 and leaves himself $45,600 behind.

Tsai now takes his time to signify weakness before announcing All-In for $55,650 and only $25,650 more. which prompts Garrett immediately a smile on his face. Potsize: $194,000

Garrett gets great pot odds of 8.5 to 1 and many probably think that this is therefore an insta-call with a full house. However, Andy is at the top of his range and the way he played the hand is absoulte nutted.

The question is: Would Andy do this without the nuts or with a worse hand then Garrett’s?

Garrett goes deep into the tank and tries to get a read by speaking to Andy. After almost 5 minutes 5 and a half minutes in the tank Adelstein decides to fold his hand.

Garrett came to the conclusion that Andy must have him beat and saved himself $25,650!

What a fold! Only the best players are able to laydown the third nuts, when getting pot odds of 7.5 to 1 in a $200,000 Pot. Well played Gman!

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here:

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