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Poker Hand of the Week – Michael Addamo gets frisky against LLinusLLove in a $388,700 Pot

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

In our Hand of the Week the two high stakes heavyweights Michael Addamo and LLinusLLove go to war in a $388,700 Pot in the infamous NL$1,000/$2,000 game at GG Network.

As every week we analyse the most interesting hands from the cash game of all cash games at GG Network. The NL$1,000/$2,000 game features the best players in the world such as limitless, LLinusLLove, Timofey “Trueteller” Kuzentsov, Michael Addamo and Jason Koon to name just a few

This time two high stakes heavyweights with LLinusLLove and Michael Addamo clash in a massive $388,700 pot!

Poker Hand of the Week – Michael Addamo gets frisky against LLinusLLove in a $388,700 Pot

LLinusLLove Linus Loeliger Poker

Addamo and Loeliger are both regulars at the biggest stakes in the world, play a lot with each other and know the other’s game very well. The effective stack sizes are 95 big blinds and Michael Addamo has position on LLinusLLove.

Poker Hand of the Week Action

Preflop Action:

Michael Addamo open-raises from the button with K♥Q♠ to $5,000. LLinusLLove calls from the big blind with A♥T♣ and crazytrader defends his $2,000 straddle. Pot size: $16,500


The 2♠T♠2♦ flop is pretty dry and almost prefect for LLinusLLove, who flops top pair with top kicker, while Addamo whiffs.

Michael has a backdoor flush and straight draw plus two overcards, means he does have some equity. After it checks to him he decides to make a smallish cbet of $5,445 into $16,500. Linus calls and crazytrader folds. Pot Size: $27,390


The 6♣ on the turn is a blank and now things are getting interesting. LLinusLove leads out with a very small donk bet of 25% ($6,847 into $27,390) and Michael Addamo makes a very large raise of 7.18 x to $49,160. Linus calls and we go to the river  Pot Size: $125,710 


On the river appears another Deuce with the 6♣ turning every pair into a full house.  Now Linus leads even smaller by betting only 10% pot. Michael has 1.3 times the pot behind and goes for the overbet shove by shoving $161,925 into $138.281 .

LLinusLLove tanks for a little bit over 20 seconds before he calls and sees the good news that Addamo only has King-high to win a huge $388,700 Pot.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

What an absolute genius play by LLinusLLove, who absolutely owns Michael Addamo here with a cheeky double bluff induce!

Let’s go through the hand step by step. Preflop is absolute standard and there is not much too say except for that Linus could have 3-bet here with A-T against Michael’s button raise, but like that he underrepresents his hand.

On the flop Addamo could have certainly checked behind against two opponents, but considering the dry flop, his two backdoor draws and the range advantage a continuation bet is fine, while Linus has an easy call.

The hand gets really interesting after the blank on the turn, when LLinusLLove makes a small donk bet of 1/4 pot, to induce a bluff from Michael Addamo, which works out perfectly as Addamo falls for it by making a large raise.

Setting the same trap again on the river and making it work shows why LLinusLLove is one of the best cash game players in the world. On the river he leads even smaller with only 10% pot inducing an overbet bluff shove from Michael Addamo.

Many players view donk bets and small bets as weakness and tend to raise them frequently. Linus knows this and uses it to perfection for his advantage, while Addamo falls for the same trap twice.

Great play from LLinusLLove, which gets rewarded with a huge and well-deserved pot worth $388,700!

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week from 02:51 here:

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