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Matt Stout says his friend has witnessed Upeshka De Silva multi-accounting

The Upeshka De Silva WSOP ‘Covid-19 DQ’ story we revealed yesterday has grown arms and legs overnight, with Matt Stout claiming one of his friends witnessed De Silva multi-accounting…

Matt Stout says his friend has witnessed Upeshka De Silva multi-accounting

New evidence?

In reply to calls for whether or not he had proof, Stout tweeted: ‘No, but hoping friend will finally give his first-hand account to the heads of @WSOP. I’ve been pressing him about this since he told me. At first, he asked me not to report it at all which is why I didn’t. I had no other proof anyway, and he clearly wasn’t going to confirm it.’

The unsubstantiated accusations come on the back of Sri Lanka-born, American pro De Silva being DQd from the WSOP domestic Main Event final table after testing positive for COVID-19.

That cost the three-time WSOP gold bracelet winner a shot at the title, the $1.5million top prize, and a possible $1million winner-takes-all showdown with GGPoker ME version victor, Damian Salas.

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Stout’s allegations have distracted from lengthy social media and poker forum discussions over whether De Silva should have been given time to produce a negative test, or otherwise be given ICM money or blinded out.

Instead, he is being accused of multi-accounting by allegedly using the account of fellow pro and close friend, Irish pro Rory ‘peeeeeeeeeno’ Brown – the duo pictured below…

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Rory Brown (@rorybrown_1)

Stout’s inability to produce any proof had others calling him out, Jon Borenstein on Twitter describing the public allegation as a “scum move.”

He added: “…just to throw accusations like that off hearsay when the alleged person won’t even say anything to back you up to try to fuck someone more than they already are atm is a v low blow.”

Stout responded with a tweet stating he has “100% faith” in his unnamed friend and source…