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Doug Polk fires shots at Daniel Negreanu once again!

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu: Next round!

This is one beef that just does not seem to want to end. Here’s the latest chapter of the Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu arch rivalry. This time Polk is coming in firing shots while Negreanu was busy fighting with two other people.

It is known that Negreanu can be a bit too feisty at times, both at the poker table or on Twitter. He had many quarrels with various people in the poker world. That includes Chris Fergusson and Mike Matusow among others.

Daniel Negreanu vs Doug Polk More Rake is better

Now, two of his “arch nemesis” got involved in yet another online feud with Negreanu.

The Global Poker Awards Feud

Negreanu has a long standing dislike for the hosts of the Chip Race Podcast, Dara O’Kearney and David K Lappin.

the chip race poker podcas

When they won the “Best Podcast” category at the GPI Poker Awards, Dnegs allegedly had a very vocal expression of disapproval.

Evidently, the Irish podcaster duo didn’t take too kindly to that sigh of disgust and called Negreanu out on Twitter.

A few days later, things escalated even further when “KidPoker” went on the DAT Poker Podcast and said this about O’Kearney and Lappin:

“I don’t think those guys are good dudes, and they’re so full of shit (…) They continually attack me, that’s like ‘troll ABC’.”


Things Really Go Off on Twitter

The tension between the Chip Race crew and Negreanu grew so high that KidPoker eventually broke down into a vulgar tirade on Twitter. He called them “pathetic and a fucking loser”.

This caught the attention of a random user on the site. He asked a pointed question: since Negreanu is the biggest ambassador of one of the biggest poker brands in the world, PokerStars, is it appropriate for him to act like this in public?

To make matters worse, the author of that tweet even tagged PokerStars directly. It may have had some effect, since after that Dnegs kept quiet about O’Kearney and Lappin.

A field day for scandalmonger Doug Polk

This was when one Negreanu’s other, probably best known, arch rivals also got involved.

Polk is alluding to the ubiquitous Negreanu MASTERCLASS ad with his choice of words. He isn’t the only one annoyed with that commercial – a short while ago Joe Ingram also voiced his frustration about it.

The Highlights of the Never Ending Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu Feud

The history between these too, “WCGRider” and “KidPoker” goes back years and years. This one is only one of the tamest “chapters” in the saga and Polk has been firing shots at Negreanu relentlessly over the last years:

Who doesn’t remember the ridiculous claim of Daniel Negreanu: “More Rake is better” and its aftermath:

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu More rake is better

In February 2018, the bad blood between them got so bad that Polk called Negreanu “a little bitch and an embarrassment to the game of poker” in front of thousands of viewers on Joe Ingram’s podcast.

Interestingly, that tirade was also prompted by an argument about the annual Poker Awards – which was celled American Poker Awards the – just like the newest developments.

Two years ago, Daniel Negreanu mused on Twitter about who should be included in the influencer category.

Doug Polk took that as a backhanded personal attack since he too was nominated for that award – he ended up losing to Cary Katz, by the way.

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