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Did Phil Hellmuth Angle Shoot on the Hustler Casino Live Stream?

Phil Hellmuth has been accused of angle shooting on Hustler Casino Live by poker fans watching the stream. The “Poker Brat” appeared to fold his cards but later claimed he was still in the hand, causing an uproar in the chat.

Phil Hellmuth Under Suspicion of Angle Shooting During Hustler Casino Live

The hand in question was against Twitch Poker streamer Slime, an amateur player, who had been invited to the $100/$200 NL Hold’em cash game that included Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan.

Phil Hellmuth raised to $700 with Ah9s and got three callers, including Slime who held Ad6h.

The flop came down 8h-As-2s.

MrBeast, one of YouTube’s top stars with over 94 million subscribers, led out with 7d4h and Phil Hellmuth called.  Slime now moves in for around $35,000. Now, here is where confusion starts to reign.

Did Phil Hellmuth Angle Shoot on the Hustler Casino Live Stream?

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MrBeast quickly mucks his airball and the camera pans around to Phil Hellmuth who has a tough decision with his top pair decent kicker.

It’s difficult know just what an amateur will have when they play this way. Many will only do this with two pair or better, and others see any top pair as a monster hand.

But then Phil Hellmuth appears to fold his cards, offering the pot to Slime who flips over his own holecards. The commentator David Tuchman even announced this as the play he thought he witnessed.

Hellmuth then claims that he didn’t fold and offered for Slime to take back his bet and hand over only $5,000. To make matters worse for Slime, the dealer then turned over the remaining community cards with a 6 appearing.

Poker Pros Give Their Opinion

Poker Twitter threw up a variety of opinions, many saying that Phil Hellmuth would never angle shot on a live stream for what is small change in his world.

The big names in poker, however, looked to be of the opinion that Hellmuth make an error of judgement in his actions and should have handed the full pot over to Slime.

Daniel Negreanu was also happy to throw some fuel onto the fire.

This incident promises to throw a lot of shade in the direction of Phil Hellmuth throughout this week. But it’s important to note that even given his record of ranting uncontrollably, his ethics have never been called into question in the past.

What do you think happened?

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