Best Bookmakers 2021


Whether you are new to sports betting or a professional player, we are happy to provide our customers with a first-class VIP betting service and special rewards! Below you can find the best bookmakers 2021, which we have been working with for years and we can truly recommend.

Bet365 Sportsbook Review

Upon signing up with Bet365 through us, you will automatically get up to £100 in bet credits and all other Bet365 promotional offers.

Key Benefits
  • Up to £100 in bet credits
  • Great in-play betting
  • A large amount of live streams
New Customers Only | 18+ | T&C Apply

BetInAsia Review

By creating a BetInAsia account you will get access to the following betting sites: BetInAsia BLACK, Orbit Exchange, PS3838, CITIbet, Turf7, and Penta88.

Key Benefits
  • 0.1% Cashback
  • Access to Asian Bookies
  • Great Betting Limits
New Customers Only | 18+ | T&C Apply

Pinnacle Sports Review

Pinnacle Sports was established in 1998 and is welcoming winning players. Unlike other bookmakers, they don’t put limits on successful bettors.

Key Benefits
  • Best Betting Odds
  • High-Value Promotions
  • Lots of In-Play Bets
New Customers Only | 18+ | T&C Apply

How to find the Best Bookmakers 2021 Online


There are many things to consider when choosing a bookmaker. One of the biggest benefits of signing up with one of the best bookies 2021 is certainly that you can place bets at home.


Back in the days, you had to walk to a bookmaker somewhere across the town to place a bet. Nowadays, you got tons of bookmakers to choose from.


Furthermore, both in-play betting and mobile betting and getting extremely popular and allow you to place your bets basically wherever and whenever you want to.


Nevertheless, there are certain aspects that you should consider prior to signing up with a bookmaker. Our overview will guide you through the process of choosing one of the best bookmakers 2021.


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Best Bookmakers 2021 License & Regulation


First, you should only sign up with bookmakers that are actually licensed. Most of the best bookmakers in 2021 are licensed in Malta, the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, or Curaçao.


Nevertheless, nowadays there are also multiple European countries that are also licensing their own bookmakers.


A sports betting license ensures that a bookmaker processes its bets correctly and fairly. Shady bookies without a betting license don’t have to follow any standards and are therefore more inclined to run away with your money.


Sports betting licenses serve multiple different purposes. The governments also want to protect the players from unlawful bookmakers who try to take advantage of innocent customers.


Especially in the early days of online sports betting there were many bookmakers with shady business practices. Since then, online sports betting has evolved and is safer than ever.


The vast majority of bookmakers are now officially licensed and have to follow certain rules to offer bets to their customers. Our overview of the best bookmakers in 2021 only includes operators which are licensed and regulated and have to follow strict rules.


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Best Bookmakers 2021 Bonuses and Promotions


Welcome bonus offers and sports betting promotions are some of the most popular ways of attracting new customers.


A majority of the best bookmakers 2021 is offering their customers a welcome bonus or welcome free bet. Some of those offers have great value and can help you to boost your bankroll.


Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the fact that bookmakers are not randomly giving gifts to their customers. In most cases, a welcome bonus or welcome free bet will be tied to certain turnover requirements.


Those turnover requirements exist to make sure you are actually betting. Therefore, you will have to place a certain amount of bets before being able to withdraw your funds.


The above-mentioned turnover requirements are often times tied to certain minimum betting odds requirements. That means you have to place bets at certain odds in order for them to count towards the turnover requirements.


Always make sure to check the minimum odds before starting or claiming your free bet offer to not get surprised by extremely high minimum odds. That is certainly something you want to avoid at all costs.



High-value Betting Odds and Enhanced Odds


Betting at favourable odds is one of the best ways to make a profit when betting online. The better the odds you are betting at, the higher the potential profit.


Therefore, you should always try to maximize your value by placing at the best possible odds. The best odds offer you the highest possible payouts.


Certain bookmakers such as Pinnacle are offering their customers some of the best odds that you will find online.


Odds are basically equivalent to probabilities in sports betting. It is a way of expressing the ratio between your stake and the likelihood of winning, based on the projected probability.


Having a basic understanding of probabilities and knowing how to calculate probabilities, in general, is absolutely crucial.


Knowing when a bet is favorable will allow you to place profitable bets over a long period of time.  Generally speaking, you can convert the odds a bookmaker is displaying into probabilities for a certain event to take place.



Best Bookmakers 2021 Payment Methods


Most of the best bookmakers 2021 have been established many years ago and have made a name for themselves in terms of providing fast and secure deposits and withdrawals for their customers.


In general, you should be looking for some brands which are known to be highly reliable and trustworthy. The largest betting operators have really reliable customers support departments and follow a fast withdrawal policy.


Major companies usually set the industry standards and develop new ways of providing their customers with the best possible options.


Moreover, they are also financially stable, which means that you are taking pretty much no risk when joining them and making large withdrawals.



In-Play Betting Offers


There are certain benefits when placing in-play bets. Bookmakers are doing a great job when it comes to offering their players a great experience while placing in-play bets.


Several features make it easier and more convenient to place bets on ongoing games. Find out which features are worth taking into consideration. Nevertheless, keep in mind that in-play betting markets are oftentimes different from prematch betting markets.


Usually, you will find a less packed schedule of games. Most bookmakers will provide you with fewer betting markets and matches to bet on.


Most of the best bookmakers 2021 have loads of betting markets, however, some might be missing some markets which are important to you.


The amount of in-play betting options also heavily depends on the time of the years. There are certain times of the year when you are going to find a huge in-play betting schedule.


However, you should be aware that there can be almost no betting options when there is a Summer or Winter break.


Furthermore, many bookmakers are offering special in-play betting promotions. Even though it’s not an absolute must-have, in-play betting promotions can be a great addition and improve your overall win rate.



Best Bookmakers 2021 Customer Service


Having access to great customer support, which is available around the clock, can be crucial in certain moments.


Even though you hopefully never get in a situation that requires you to resolve an issue regarding your betting account, it is obviously beneficial if you are talking to a person which is actually able to provide proper assistance.


Nowadays, many of the best bookmakers 2021 are providing their customers with 24/7 support. You can either email them, submit a message, contact them via a live chat, or even through instant messenger services such as Telegram or WhatsApp.


In addition to that, many large sports betting sites are also running dedicated customer support social media accounts for further assistance.



Mobile Betting


Mobile betting has become an integral part of online sports betting in recent years. Nowadays, everybody who owns a mobile phone or tablet can bet from wherever he wants to.


Mobile betting has multiple benefits for the players. It is extremely easy and convenient and most of the best bookmakers 2021 also have the best betting apps.


Even if a bookmaker does not have a designated betting app, you can still place bets on your phone. You can enter the mobile website of your bookmaker by opening it on your mobile browser. Therefore, it is safe to say that mobile betting has never been easier and even provides some benefits desktop users will miss out on.


There are even special promotions for mobile users that you should not miss out on. Check the mobile betting app of your preferred bookmaker to place quick bets while you are not at home or opt-in for some special mobile betting promotions.



Pinnacle Sports


Pinnacle Sports is an online bookmaker that was established more than 20 years ago and is famous for its “Winner Welcome” policy. The bookmaker offers the largest payouts and lets you bet basically unlimited amounts of money.


Pinnacle is officially licensed in Curaçao and Malta and is regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles. They charge an average margin of 2.3 % on their bets which is significantly less than the rates offered by other European bookmakers.


The betting operator does not offer any additional betting promotions, but they have the sharpest betting odds out there. Therefore, you will benefit in the long run due to high payouts and better average odds. Pinnacle is also perfect if you want to bet large amounts of cash.


The bookmaker is furthermore not limiting players. You can win as much as you want, and they won’t restrict or ban your account, unlike many other bookmakers.





BetInAsia is an online betting broker that provides you with access to some of the best online betting sites.


You don’t have to sign up with multiple accounts and will be able to use multiple bookmakers through a single account.


The broker is great, if you want to avoid geographical restrictions – nowadays, many of the best bookmakers 2021 are only available in certain countries.


By signing up at BetInAsia, you can place bets with them regardless of your geographical location.


Furthermore, BetInAsia also offers a cashback program for newly registered BLACK users which gives some extra winnings.


When placing bets at this broker, you will also receive a commission as low as 3% on your winning bets.


Pinnacle and BetInAsia scored the highest points in our rating system and are therefore the best bookmakers 2021. We highly recommend signing up at one of those two sites and start benefiting from the great odds and bonuses today!