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Wiktor “Limitless’ Malinowski Challenges Anyone in the Poker World at Heads Up

Wiktor Malinowski Offers to Take on Anyone

Wiktor limitless Malinowski has issued an open challenge to play anyone in the world in a heads up match. The high stakes cash legend spoke to Joey Ingram in what was one of the most entertaining interviews ever seen in the poker world.

Wiktor “Limitless' Malinowski

Wiktor Malinowski’s career couldn’t be going any better. The former professional handball player didn’t even play poker until 2014 and within only two years he was taking on the best cash game players in the world.

It’s an amazing story that proves with dedication and hard work the game is still beatable at the very highest stakes.

Just to show how well he is doing, Malinowski said that he might not be available for the upcoming Legends showdown on Run It Once poker because the stakes aren’t high enough.

He did, however, offer to play the tournament winner at high stakes when it’s worth his while.

Quite cheekily he said he would stream such a match and play drunk after downing a full bottle of wine on camera.

He even offered to play German tournament legend Fedor Holz at any stakes he likes while drunk. Shots fired!

Wiktor “Limitless' Malinowski

Wiktor Malinowski is a Real Character

It’s only a couple of weeks since Daniel Negreanu complained about the current high stakes crew not being entertaining enough. We definitely need to see more of Malinowski because he’s as fun a character as poker is ever likely to see.

It takes a certain kind of person to be able to appear so confident in his ability while still remaining humble.

One point that came up in the interview will resonate with many experienced poker players. That of the guys who hit a couple of big scores in tournaments compared to those who play in the toughest cash games and win.

“For me someone who grinds NL 500 and is a reg is a much bigger accomplishment than just winning some donkament” 100%”

Maybe this is why he made the cheeky offer to play Fedor Holz. He assumes that his deep stack cash game prowess isn’t going to be anywhere close to his tournament skill.

Wiktor “Limitless' Malinowski

More Heads Up Challenges

Heads up for your entire bankroll used to be a common challenge back in the day. Not really amongst the high stakes players but it was seen as a pure test of skill, even given the insane variance.

Now we are inundated with these matches.

The Galfond Challenge has captured the imagination of all the poker community. The first match saw Phil Galfond dump almost one million euros before coming back to win by less than two thousand.

The recently announced grudge match between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk will be watched by everyone in the poker community. Neither player will want to lose that one because of how much trolling they are sure to endure.

Now we have Malinowski basically stating to the world that he can beat anyone drunk apart from LLinusLLove.

Who will step up to the plate to try and take him down a peg or two?

A match between Malinowski and Fedor Holz would be a dream to watch.

Don’t forget to check out the latest poker news to see what’s happening in the poker world. There’s also plenty of action left in the WSOP 2020 if you are feeling lucky.

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