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What do poker players say when asked what their job is?

Poker players and their “real” occupation

Being a poker player is oftentimes not easy. Especially when talking to people who are not familiar with poker at all, it’s difficult to explain to them how you are actually making a living. Max Silver was curious to hear what fellow poker players would reply when they are being asked what their job is.

What do poker players say when asked what their job is?

While playing poker professionally might be like a dream coming true for many poker players, there are some questions that may make your life a little bit harder than expected.

Oftentimes you are going to have to reply to lots of pretty annoying questions after you have told people that you are a professional poker player.

Even though the game of poker has been around for decades and online poker is as popular as it’s been in years, many poker players struggle to provide a decent answer regarding their occupation.

Therefore, Max Silver asked the Twitter community about their most common answers to that question.

Mike McDonald was one of the first poker players to reply. He is certainly aware of the potential follow-up questions that come along when you tell people that you are actually playing poker for a living.

Therefore he just avoids these questions in general and tells people that he is actually a bookmaker. Even though that is also a fairly unconventional job, people seem to be actually aware of what a bookie is doing and don’t ask a lot of questions.

The honest approach

Some poker players replied that they were indeed telling strangers that they are playing poker professionally.

Andrew Brokos also tells people about his real job. Even though annoying conversations occasionally occur, he is more inclined to talk about a topic that he loves (poker) than some other subject.

Dan Smith however keeps things real with hairdressers or taxi drivers. He simply tells them the truth. It seems like it’s not a big deal for him, only his tennis coach keeps bothering him with poker metaphors.

Scott Seiver is taking a slightly different approach. Instead of revealing his true profession, he used to say that he’s a firefighter which had some benefits.

Telling people that you are actually working as an office manager for a cardboard company will definitely prevent them from asking follow-up questions though:

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