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WCOOP Main Event Final Table set, watch all videos of SupaJah’s Deep Run here!

Facts and Figures WCOOP Main Event 2016

  • Buy-in: $5,000
  • Entries: 2,091
  • Prize pool: $10.052.879
  • Places paid: 224
  • First prize: $1.517.541

ElkY and Andrei „I am Bobbie“ Streltsou bubble

Day 2 of the 2016 WCOOP Main Event started with 309 players and 224 places were paid.

It didn’t take very long until the bubble was reached. The min-cash was $14,365,56. Among the shortstacks were the two top pros Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier and Andrei „I am Bobbie“ Streltsou.

ElkY invested his last three big blinds with A-K and was called by former WCOOP Main Event Champion David “PlayinWasted” Kaufmann in the big blind with 86o. A six on the flop and ElkY, who also streamed live on Twitch was devastated.

After this hand the tournament had reached hand-for-hand-play and there were two absolute shortstacks. Belarussian star Andrei „I am Bobbie“ Streltsou finally became the Bubble Boy and the 224 players left had secured themselves minimum $14,365,56.

VIP-Grinders Russia Head Andrew “SupaJah” Horinov runs deep and streams live

Two months ago VIP-Grinders Russia Head Andrew “SupaJah” Horinov won the Super Tuesday for $69,954.54 live on Twitch.

In the WCOOP Main Event he also ran very deep and streamed Day 2 of the biggest and most important online tournament live on the VIP-Grinders Twitch Channel:

After the bubble burst Andrew continued chipping up and won several big pots against players such as Team PokerStars Pro Marc-Andre Ladouceur and Tom “tollgate” Grigg.

After he busted Mario “Mayito” Romera with AdKd vs Pocket Jacks SupaJah even took over the chip lead with only 113 players remaining.

Watch all hands in WCOOP Main Event Deep Run Part II:

Andrew remained a Top 10 stack until 40 players were left and already had secured himself $32.376,30.

Unfortunately, the tide was turning when Horinov lost a couple of small pots and then a big one as massive favorite. He woke up with Aces in the small blind and a shortstack on the button pushed All-In for 12bb with Qh6h.

A dream scenario, if not the board would have brought Jh7hKc5dTh. After this hand Andrew had only 10 big blinds left, which he pushed soon after with 33 and got called by AK. King on the flop and he busted in 34th place for $32.376,30.

Special thanks and congratulations go to Andrew “SupaJah” Horinov, who streamed almost the complete Day 2 of the WCOOP Main Event live on our Twitch channel.

Very rarely you have the chance to see the late stage of a high stakes tournament being streamed live on the internet. At peak times we had more than 1,700 viewers and Andrew made a great show.

For more great poker streams go to the VIP-Grinders Twitch channel!

Watch the late stage of Day 2 of the WCOOP Main here:

uknowProsky massive Chipleader, 1.5 million up top!

Shortly after the final table was reached. Massive chip leader is Dutch player “uknowProsky” with more than double the chips than second place.

However, “Gambler4444” already won a SCOOP title, the Sunday Million and the Super Tuesday and is one of the best high stakes regs out there.

So it will be a very interesting final table, which starts today at 2 pm ET (8 pm CET) and the winner will be taking home a staggering $1.517.541,52.

The final table of the 2016 WCOOP Main Event:

WCOOP Final Table 2016

The chip counts before the start of the final table:

1: uknowProsky (Netherlands), 33.069.653
2: Gambler4444 (Austria), 16.664.659
3: 0409479 (United Kingdom), 10.356.526
4: R_Scientist (United Kingdom), 9.903.682
5: llJaYJaYll (Germany), 8.399.322
6: gorodski (Malta), 7.509.456
7: axtipitos_86 (Austria), 7.167.366
8: Olorionek (Poland), 5.753.402
9: deadfizh (Finland), 5.725.934

Blinds: 150.000/300.000; 37.500

The Payouts:

1. – $1.517.541,52
2. – $1.101.278,90
3. – $799.196,60
4. – $579.976,77
5. – $420.888,94
6. – $305.439,66
7. – $221.656,95
8. – $160.856,12
9. – $116.733,03

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