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Veronica Brill interviews former Stones Live Poker producer on how the Mike Postle cheating scandal could have happened

A former producer of the Stones Live Poker has told whistleblower Veronica Brill just how alleged cheat Mike Postle may have pulled off the cheating scam of the decade. Moreover, he thinks that he knows who the accomplice was.

O’Sullivan appears as a guest on Veronica Brill’s Podcast

The Postlegate affair has dominated the headlines for well over a year now. Allegations of cheating during a livestreamed cash game in Sacramento lead to multiple lawsuits and topping our Top 5 Poker Scandals of the Year yet again.

A $30million civil lawsuit against Postle was dismissed this summer. However, theories as to how the alleged cheat may have accomplished such a scam have abounded.

Having players’ hands and board runouts sent to his mobile phone, and/or similar information sent through a bone-conducting headset hidden inside his baseball cap are chief among them.

Veronika Brill interviews former Stones Live Poker producer on how the Mike Postle cheating scandal could have happened

An accomplice would likely be required in both cases, however, and the very first Stones Live Poker producer, Bob O’Sullivan, thinks he knows the who and how behind it all.

O’Sullivan appeared as a guest on the podcast of Veronica Brill, the former Stones player, and commentator who first raised concerns about possible ‘irregularities’.

“I actually built, engineered the system from the ground up. Nobody knows it better than me!” O’Sullivan explains, admitting he was surprised that nobody contacted him as the scandal engulfed the poker world.

“Has the DoJ [Department of Justice, who supposedly investigated the cheating claims] contacted you?” asks Brill.

Who’s behind it?

“No not at all,” replies O’Sullivan, much to Brill’s surprise, who then asks the ‘$64,000 question.’

Brill quizzes him “You know who was behind this, besides Mike?” and O’Sullivan replies, “Pretty sure, yeah, I’m pretty sure!”

As for why someone might have become involved in a scheme to cheat the other players out of an estimated $240,000, O’Sullivan says: “All you need is one person to feel slighted, and put that person in a position where they could maybe make a few more thousand dollars.”

When pushed on this, O’Sullivan explained “two different departments at Stones” were behind it, and he believes the person ‘slighted’ is still working at Stones.

The technical aspect of the alleged cheating had already received plenty of attention, Matt Berkey discovering and sharing how it could have been carried out…

…while poker experts and amateurs alike banded together to investigate the bizarre play, hands, and stats that accompanied Postle’s ‘God-mode sunrun’ during the live-streamed cash game.

Backroom production crew involved?

O’Sullivan, who left the show before Postle’s alleged cheating began, goes on to explain that hacking the livestream was almost certainly not behind any possible cheating. It rather would have to involve one of the onsite backroom production crew.

When Brill asks O’Sullivan: “Tell me now how you think this could have happened?” his reply is quite clear.

“I think that the producer didn’t shut off the rtmp stream [a parallel stream to the livestream] used for testing cards,” says O’Sullivan, adding: “And I think that the producer gave a player a password to access the network to be able to view the cards in real time.”

Although such theories have been put forward previously, O’Sullivan is the first person involved in the Stones Live Poker stream to speak publicly on the subject.

Brill runs through several scenarios and technical details with O’Sullivan and you can check out the full discussion below…

Mike Postle is pursuing his own $330million defamation lawsuit against many of his accusers.

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