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Tom Dwan: “How I Stay Ahead of the Curve”

Tom Dwan is back with more answers in his interview with Nick Schulman. The fan’s favourite is doing an AMA—Ask Me Anything—with questions coming from Reddit and the TwoPlusTwo forum.

Tom Dwan

More Key Takes from the Tom Dwan Interview

Do you feel short deck will ever take off?

T.D – “Anytime you change the game some neat stuff can happen. And sometimes you do that and the new game has issues, so it doesn’t work out great.”

“ But short deck I think has a lot of cool stuff.”

Dwan reminds Schulman about the time he won the 2018 Triton Super High Roller Short Deck in Jeju after taking two minutes of advice  from him on weird spots.

“It’s already doing well in Asia and it’s starting to take off in the West.”

Schulman points out that Dwan is considered at least top five in the world for short deck, maybe even top three.

Does the game really speak to you, or have you just put the time in?

T.D – “I was playing short deck before any pros had spent any time on it. There was a time I was way ahead of anyone because I’d been working on it for two years.”

Tom Dwan Was Never Afraid to look Stupid

You’ve always been flexible with your thinking and been out there doing things that nobody else is doing. Do you just believe in yourself? It’s not that easy to be willing to look stupid.

T.D – “You heard me moaning about that hand on High Stakes where I did something a little goofy and I was like oh man what was I thinking. I feel like an idiot.”

“I try to admit my mistakes…and it gives me some space to make more of them.”

Has your playstyle changed since the first run of High Stakes Poker?

T.D – “ In the first High Stakes I felt like I had a lot of room…just knew more in a lot of spots and was able to do a lot more goofy shit.”

“Now a lot of these guys are studying a lot. You’ve really got to stay in line a lot more…you can’t do a lot of crazy shit.”

“In short deck I had a run where I was able to get away with murder because people didn’t understand the game.”

Dwan continues to explain how Timofey Trueteller Kuznetsov was the first top player to catch him with his hand in the cookie jar which ruined Dwan’s fun whenever he was at the table with him.

Tom Dwan

High Stakes Poker Returns Soon

There’s now less than a month to go before High Stakes Poker returns to our screens. The excitement is building quickly.

Tom Dwan has already given us a cheeky snapshot of the quality of players we can expect to see battling in a high stakes cash game.

  • Phil Ivey
  • Tom “durrrr” Dwan
  • Phil Hellmuth
  • Jason Koon
  • Brandon Adams
  • Ben Lamb

This reboot of a classic show comes on the back of one of the best poker booms we have seen in recent years as the most of the world remains in some form of lockdown.

When everything opens up again as the world returns to normal we can expect to see a stampede in the direction of brick-and-mortar card rooms.

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