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Shaun Deeb Fires Shots At Allen Kessler

Shaun Deeb has fired shots at Allen Kessler in his latest interview at the Nick Vertucci Show slating him for charging markup as a clearly losing player.

Deeb said that he doesn’t want to be controversial but says a lot of people agree that most players are selling at too high a markup.

Shaun Deeb says Allen Kessler is a losing player and the game has passed him by

Shaun Deeb continues by making it clear that there’s no financial benefit for him to out these people as some of the EV they lose will filter down to him.

“If anything, it actually hurts me. The Allen Kesslers of the world, when he sells to these mixed events at markup or at face when he’s a losing player, that’s better for me to play those events he wouldn’t normally play.”

He ends by saying that being the self-appointed markup police has hurt his bottom line, by “getting some of those slightly losing, breakeven, old-school players who aren’t as good as they used to be, or the game as passed them by [into the tournaments].”

“Allen Kessler is not a winning poker player”

Nick Vertucci asks if that statement would be referring to the likes of Allen Kessler and Deeb confirms it is.

Shaun Deeb Said:

“Allen Kessler is not a winning poker player!”

He further criticised him for playing the World Series of Poker for 20 years and never winning a bracelet.

Allen Kessler responded but didn’t really make any relevant points. The last success in a major event came when he final tabled the $50k Poker Players Championship almost a decade ago. Just not relevant today.

Deeb criticism is that he is a “giant nit” and doesn’t play enough hands, making it impossible to win tournaments in the present day. Kessler frequently boasts about his cash rate but, as Deeb points out, he never actually wins one.

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