June 7, 2022 Poker News, Featured Articles Lars Liedtke

Shaun Deeb and Alex Foxen Take Turns Goading Cheats at WSOP

Poker’s highstakes online cheats may have been allowed to play this year’s WSOP, but it hasn’t been without incident, both Alex Foxen and Shaun Deeb taking potshots at the likes of Bryn Kenney, Ali Imsirovic and Rok Gostisa this week…

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As we revealed last week, the World Series of Poker organisers seem to have decided that they won’t be barring the big-name cheats, despite pressure to do so.

Ali Imsirovic, Jake Schindler and Rok Gostisa were among the players banned from GGPoker for allegedly using Real Time Assistance (RTA) and other infringements of the site’s rules.

That erupted into public scandal recently when Alex Foxen outed Imsirovic, with Schindler soon named for similar nefarious deeds in the online world.

A steady flow of rumours and allegations followed, with Bryn Kenney the most notable, the world’s leading tournament moneywinner refuting the allegations publicly.

Schindler and Imsirovic were reportedly kicked out of the EPT Barcelona event following complaints by fellow players, and were then missing from the Triton Poker Madrid series.

Meanwhile, Imsirovic’s good friend, Rok Gostisa, had flown under the radar, but Alex Foxen couldn’t contain himself when the Slovenian bust out.

“That’s what happens when you don’t have a computer,” said Alex Foxen after Gostisa had inexplicably called off his stack on the flop with king high.

The poker forums were naturally discussing hr cheating/cheats topic, with 2plus2 reg EastCoasBalla posting: “I read a Pokernews update yesterday that Ali got eliminated in the $1500 O8 and Deeb started clapping loudly and cheering. Glad he’s 1 of the few trying to embarrass those scumbags. Wish more would do the same.”

Deeb is well-known for his outspoken nature and his Twitter feed kept the name and shame game going, without the names…

Others were also on the case, with infamous twitter account @RachesLeesThinks summing up the case against a notably silent Imsirovic…

Ali Imsirovic. Banned from poker site. Says nothing. Accused of cheating by fellow pro. Zilch. Not allowed to play in Europe. Crickets. Not allowed by triad poker even. Not a word. WSOP lets him play. Says he’s giving $$$ to St Jude children’s hospital. Sounds damn guilty to me.”

Dan Smith, who finally broke his bracelet duck and took down the $25k Heads-up title this week revealed that Imsirovic wouldn’t be changing his zipped lips approach to the recent allegations…

With the 2022 World series of Poker barely a week old, it’s almost certain that more will be said in the next month and a half as the big names cross swords in multiple events. Watch this space!