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Alexgirs wins SCOOP Main Event for $1,062,966 – Lex Veldhuis sets new Twitch Record with 58,500 viewers!

Pieter “XMorphineX” Aerts entered Final Table as Chipleader

The SCOOP Main Event is a 4-Day-Tournament and it took three days until the final table was set. And what a final table it was featuring the for many best tournament player in the world bencb789.

Other notables on the FT were Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress, Michael “imluckbox” Addamo, Irish Open and partypoker MILLIONS South America Champion Pablo “pabritz” Brito and Max “goodeh99” Silver.

Pieter Aerts Poker

Entering the final table as chipleader was Belgian pro and online crusher Pieter “XMorphineX” Aerts. However, Dvoress and Brito were hot on his heals.

Chipcounts before the start of the Final Table:

SeatPlayerCountryChip Count
1Benjamin “bencb789” RolleAustria12,283,432
2Pablo “pabritz” BritoBrazil20,514,267
4Pieter “XMorphineX” AertsBelgium38,539,059
5Michael “imluckbox” AddamoUnited Kingdom18,739,553
6Alex “dynoalot” DiFeliceCanada8,594,592
7Daniel “Oxota” DvoressCanada28,570,379
9Max “goodeh99” SilverIreland8,647,301

Final Table Bustouts

EEE27 was the first player to hit the rail followed by online legend bencb789, which was unexpected as he entered the final table in 5th.

Next seats open were the three high stakes crushers Max Silver, Michael Addamo, Daniel Dvoress and former chipleader Pieter Aerts.

As the price jumps were huge, the final three players made a deal and left $50,000 and the trophy left to play for.

After Alex “dynoalot” DiFelice busted in 3rd, we were Heads-Up for the title between Brasilian top pro Pablo Silva, who already won the partypoker MILLIONS South America and the Irish Open and “Alexgirs” from Belarus.

Alexgirs wins the 2020 SCOOP Main Event, Pablo Brito Silva Runner-Up

The Heads-Up was very exciting and action-packed. Both players were basically even, until a very sick hand developed.

Pablo Brito Silva wins SCOOP Main Event for $1,062,966 - Lex Veldhuis sets new Twitch Record with 58,500 viewers!

In a massive pot, “pabritz” then pushed All-in on a board of 8hAdAs2s6d and Alexgirs called with KsJc for King´high and was good as Silva only had 5s3s for the busted draw.

“Alexgirs” ends the tournament with one of the sickest calls ever!

Alexgirs wins 2020 SCOOP Main Event for $1,062,966 - Lex Veldhuis sets new Twitch Record with 58,500 viewers!

One of the best and sickest calls in recent times made “Alexgirs” a well-deserved 2020 SCOOP Main Event Champion!

Watch the SCOOP Main Event Final Table here:

Final Result and Payouts 2020 SCOOP Main Event: