Featured Deals

£200 Bonus
60% RB

€1000 Bonus
35% VIP

$500 Bonus
30% VIP

€600 Bonus
25% VIP

$2500 Bonus
VIP Deal

€1000 Bonus
30% RB

Rewards Featured Rakeback Deals

£200 Bonus | 60% RB | $30k + $30k Race

60% RB | $30,000 VIP Race

€1500 Bonus | 22,5% VIP | $30,000 VIP Race

€1000 Bonus | 35% VIP | $30,000 VIP Race

£1200 Bonus | up to 27% VIP | $30,000 VIP Race

60% RB | $30,000 VIP Race

$500 Bonus | up to 30% VIP | $30,000 VIP Race

$100 Bonus | VIP Club | $30,000 VIP Race

€600 Bonus | up to 25% VIP | $2k + $30k Race

€1000 Bonus | up to 40% VIP | $30,000 VIP Race

$2500 Bonus

$2500 Bonus

$2500 Bonus

€1000 Bonus | 30% VIP | €25,000 VIP Freerolls

€1000 Bonus | 30% VIP | €25,000 VIP Freerolls

€1000 Bonus | 30% VIP | €25,000 VIP Freerolls

€1000 Bonus | 30% VIP | €25,000 VIP Freerolls

€1000 Bonus | 30% RB | Jackpot Freeroll

$1000 Bonus | 30% VIP

£500 Bonus | VIP Club | $30,000 VIP Race

€2000 Bonus | up to 80% VIP | $30,000 VIP Race

up to 50% RB | $30,000 VIP Race

$2500 Bonus | up to 40% RB | $30,000 VIP Race

$500 Bonus | 28,5% RB | $30,000 VIP Race

$1000 Bonus | 36% RB | $30,000 VIP Race

Rewards Featured Deals – Join our VIP Program and earn massive rakeback!

What is meant by Rewards?

Rewards is the name of our very own VIP Program. It is designed in a way to provide extra value for our loyal and valued clients.

In concrete terms, this means that you gain massive extra value while playing through us by choosing any of the Rewards featured deals from above!

How does the Rewards VIP Program work?

It is very easy. Simply register here in case you don’t have a VIP-Grinders account yet and then sign up through us at any of the online poker rooms displayed above.

We have listed the Sign Up Instructions below:

  1. Register here or proceed with step 2.
  2. Clear Cookies and restart browser.
  3. Sign-up with the desired poker room.
  4. Submit your Poker Nickname here.
  5. You will receive a confirmation mail once your Account has been confirmed.

As soon as you have done this you automatically participate in our fantastic Rewards Featured Promotions.

Enjoy our fantastic Rewards Featured Promotions!

The details and features of our Rewards VIP Program

To give you an overview of all the benefits of our Rewards VIP program and what to keep in mind plus how to keep track of your progress we have listed the most important points below:

  • Choose a Deal from above and start playing.
  • You automatically participate in our VIP Leaderboards and various extra Promotions.
  • You earn 2 VIP Points and 2 Milestones for each $1 in Rake.
  • VIP Points determine your monthly and annual VIP Level as per below and you can change Milestones for Cash Bonuses.
  • Refer your Friends and check out additional and seasonal Promotions above.
  • You can follow your progress by clicking the “Rewards” tab inside your VIP-Grinders Account.

Which online poker rooms are part of the Rewards Program?

You will now ask yourself which online poker rooms are part of the Rewards Program? The answer is most of our partner poker rooms.

That means you can choose pretty freely and still enjoy our fantastic private promotions plus earn massive rakeback and bonuses on top!

You can see the full list of all Rewards Featured Deals above. If you want to get more information on a certain online poker room click on the blue “Review” button for a comprehensive Review conducted by online poker professionals.

To sign up, simply click the red “Sign Up” Button. A new window with detailed Sign up Instructions will open. Please follow them and start earning massive extra cash, rakeback and bonuses while playing through us!

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