SuperPoker App Deals

About the SuperPoker App

The SuperPoker App is the hottest Asian Poker App at the moment due to the fact that it offers the possibly softest games on the internet!

The SuperPoker App is available for all mobile devices and operating systems like smartphones and tablets, Android, iOS, iPhone and iPad.

Tables are full of Chinese and Asian Fish and by using an emulator you can also play and multitable on your PC and desktop, which makes this online poker site even more profitable.

As poker is a relatively new game in Asia and currently enjoying a massive poker boom, SuperPoker tables are filled with beginners or rich Chinese businessmen, which is giving experienced players and grinders a huge edge!


Get access to real money clubs through!


However, SuperPoker real money cash games and tournaments are played in closed and exclusive poker clubs, which can only be accessed via an agent such as

Please Note: Setting up a real money poker account on SuperPoker can only be done via an agent!

If you want to start playing at SuperPoker, please download the app and emulator here and then contact us via e-mail at or Skype: to get access to the most profitable real money clubs.

The agent also takes care of your deposits and withdrawals and guarantees that your poker funds are safe. In addition to that, the agent is providing the emulator software for free for all players.

The software of the SuperPoker App was originally designed for mobile devices, but works very well with PCs, too.

It is surprisingly stable and reliable, which allows real grinding and multitabling, if you are not using an older PC or laptop.

Some of you might have to get used to its very colourful and modern look, but this is very typical for Asian poker apps and it actually keeps playing online poker entertaining.


Download the SuperPoker App and Emulator here

For a detailed description of where to download the SuperPoker App and how to intstall and setup the software emulator to be able to play on your PC, please have a look at our SuperPoker App Review.

Traffic is constantly increasing, which most players coming from emerging poker markets such as China, Singapore and other Asian markets.

At peak hours, you can find up to 5 tables of NL10/20, 8 tables of NL20/40 and 3 tables of NL50/100, which is comparable to NL300 – NL3000 in USD, so SuperPoker is offering a lot of soft and juicy mid and high stakes games.

Currently there is only No-Limit Texas Holdem available, but we expect that Pot-Limit Omaha will be added soon as well.

Games at SuperPoker run in Chinese Yuan (CNY) and you are always getting the daily and fair exchange rate. At the time of writing 1 Chinese Yuan equalled 6.4 US Dollar.

Please check out our in-depth SuperPoker Review, which includes all necessary information such as a download and installation guide, SuperPoker Rakeback as well as a Software, Traffic and Rake Comparison.

Best SuperPoker Rakeback Deal

SuperPoker and Asian Poker Apps in general have a different rake structure than normal online poker sites.


The SuperPoker Rakeback Deal is also working completely different than on your average poker room, as you don’t pay any rake, when you are losing.


Rake is only collected on your winning sessions and amounts to a standard 5%. As soon as you have finished your session, the agent shows up and calculates how much rake every play on the table has to pay.


As mentioned above, rake is 0% for losers and 5% for winners. This means that in the long-term you will have to pay around 2,5% rake at SuperPoker, which is only half of the average rake in the online poker industry!


That means the SuperPoker Rakeback Deal is actually granted in the form that you don’t have to pay any rake when you lose. Due to the low average rake of 2.5%, there is no direct SuperPoker rakeback.


For more in-dept information on Superpoker rakeback and rake please check out our SuperPoker Review here!