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Pokermaster Review

Pokermaster Poker Bonus, Traffic and Software

Pokermaster belongs among the newest Asian poker rooms. This mobile poker app, that’s offering private real money clubs, is a big hype in the poker community at the moment.

It mainly focuses on the Chinese market, therefore, it’s got a reputation for soft games filled with fish. And that makes it lucrative to the VIP-Grinders community.

Review of Pokermaster conducted by online poker experts

After spending quite some time grinding on Pokermaster, our team of online poker experts reported about the great experience Pokermaster offers.

The app itself is easy to use and finding games is straightforward. Deposits and withdrawals are processed smoothly.

We encourage you to contact our support in case you have any questions or look for a custom deal. Also, feel free to leave a comment and let us know about your experience while playing on Pokermaster!

How to open an Account at Pokermaster?

Installing the Pokermaster app and then opening an account is just as simple as setting up any other app on your mobile device.

However, there are some things you have to pay attention to, to get your account connected to real money clubs and fund it. To make sure this is all done properly, contact us via e-mail at support@vip-grinders.com or Skype: vip-grinders.asia, and we will guide you every step of the way.

Pokermaster Rakeback

There are no rakeback deals available for Pokermaster but given the competition is very soft and the playing field is considered to be very fishy, you’ll probably find the easiest games around in poker these days and we highly recommend Pokermaster to mid to high stakes players.

Pokermaster Poker Traffic, Software and Rake

Pokermaster offers a wide range of No Limit Holdem and Pot-Limit Omaha games at limits ranging from CNY 2/4 (USD 0.25/0.5) to CNY 300/600 (USD 50/100). You can choose between HU, 6-max, 7-max, and 8-max tables.

All games take place in private clubs and we are cooperating with multiple Pokermaster clubs that offer the softest games around for both PLO and NL players.

Check out the table below for an overview of the clubs, that are available to our members. We encourage you to contact us for a complete list.

Pokermaster Traffic

The traffic is usually high and stable at all limits. Over 100 tables are running at peak times, so even High Stakes players should be able to get a session up without much effort.

There is a time limit for every table, ranging from 2.5 to 6 hours usually and the time limit is announced in advance.

Pokermaster Software

The Pokermaster software was originally designed for mobile devices and tablets. It runs smoothly and is visually appealing. It may lack some advanced features that are available in modern desktop clients, however, there are a few customization options.


But, those devices are limited in the sense that you can only play one table at the time per mobile device. That’s why we will provide you with a special emulator to run Pokermaster on your desktop.


Note: Please contact us via Skype (vip-grinders.asia) to set up a special emulator called MOMO to play Pokermaster on a desktop device.

Pokermaster Rake

The rake on Pokermaster works a bit differently than in most other online poker rooms.

After the table limit is up, the agent will collect all the funds in play and calculate what amount of rake does everyone at the table has to play.

You will only pay rake if you made a profit during the respective session. While the rake is 5%, you will only pay around 2,5% rake in the long run, due to that.

Pokermaster Real Money Clubs

View a choice of available Pokermaster real money clubs attached below. Please contact us for a full list of all available clubs and we will guide you through the best and safest clubs.


Pokermaster Mobile App

As we mentioned before, Pokermaster is a mobile poker app available on smartphones and tablets.

Contact us to set up a special emulator called MOMO to play Pokermaster on your desktop device.


It is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems as well as with windows if you use a special emulator discussed above.


To download and install the app please contact us via Skype (vip-grinders.asia).

How to get your HUD setup on Pokermaster

The Pokermaster software includes a friendly and useful Results Tab that offers advanced game statistics such as VPIP, raise preflop, and other important stats.

Tables will show there once the table timer has expired. Please note that the results in this section are pre-rake.


For more detailed statistics during your session, you can also use the hand2note HUD.

Pokermaster Payment Options

The payment options that are available to our Pokermaster players are Skrill / Neteller (EUR or USD), Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Chinese Bank wire.


All payments to and from Pokermaster are handled by the agent and our agents will be available around the clock to assist you with payments. Deposits are credited instantly to your accounts.

Note: depending on the clubs you play in, there might be a cashout fee in place. Kindly contact us for more information.

Cashout History and Processing Times

Pokermaster cashouts are processed within 24 hours after the request and our agents are available to assist you at all times.

Our agents will be at your personal assistance 24/7 to help with both deposits and cashouts and will ensure you get paid in time!

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Company Information

Company Name:Pokermaster
Skrill Loyalty:No
P2P Option:Yes

Restricted Countries

No country restrictions.

Pokermaster Support Details

Live Chat:Yes

Software Compatibility

Pokermaster Games & Limits

Average Total Players: –
Average Cash Players: –
HEM/PT Compatibility:Yes
Rake Structure:5%
NLH 6max:Up to $50/$100
NLH HU:Up to $50/$100
PLO 6max:Up to $50/$100
PLO HU:Up to $50/$100

Featured Rakeback Deals

Pokermaster Review – Traffic and Games

Mobile poker apps are the hottest trend in the poker community at the moment, and Pokermaster is the app that’s dominating the market. Here is our Pokermaster Review of Traffic and Games.

It was initially built as a play money app but soon evolved into a real money poker app. It now offers great poker games in private real money clubs, with loads of high stakes action.

The traffic on Pokermaster can easily rival the biggest online poker providers despite being relatively new. Most of its traffic comes from China and other parts of Asia.

Games such as Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are relatively new there so the games are extremely soft. You will have a hard time finding softer games anywhere online.

Most of the traffic is at the 7-max and 8-max Hold’em tables but Omaha is extremely popular too, with stable traffic all the way up to 200/400 CNY.

Pokermaster Review Traffic

As we mentioned at the beginning of this Pokermaster review, the traffic is high and still constantly growing.

There are loads of different stakes, tables, and formats available. With anywhere between 4000 and 4500 players active at the tables, finding action is never a problem.


PLO and NLHE players will therefore always be able to get a session up and going at any time. There is also not a lot of variation between weekly traffic and traffic on the weekends.

Pokermaster Account and Table Currency

The games on Pokermaster take place in CNY. Although you can use USD or EUR to deposit and withdrawal, table stakes and your account balance will always be in CNY.

Pokermaster Review Cash Games

At the beginning of this Pokermaster Review, we already mentioned that Cash Games are the predominant form of poker available on Pokermaster. You will find Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Six-Plus games in the lobby.

The traffic averages at around 4000 active players and most of it are at the No Limit Hold’em tables although PLO games are popular as well.

Stakes range from 2/4 CNY all the way up to 200/400 CNY which roughly equals to NL6 – NL6000.

All tables have an ante which ranges from 12.5% to 100% of the big blind. Some of them have forced straddles and some tables have a minimum VPIP requirement of 30%+.

No Limit Holdem

As said, No Limit Hold’em is especially popular on Pokermaster App. 6-max, 7-max, 8-max, Full Ring and HU tables are available, and the stakes range from 2/4 CNY all the way up to 200/400 CNY.


Most of the action is at the 8-max tables, but there is not that much high stakes action at those with 20/40 CNY games being the highest regular games. On average, 2200 players will play those.

The higher stakes action is usually available at 7-max tables with anywhere between 5 to 7 200/400 CNY games running most of the time.

Pot Limit Omaha

There is also quite a bit of PLO action available on Pokermaster. Just like with NLHE, stakes range from 2/4 CNY to 200/400 CNY.


While the traffic is a bit lower, you will still find around 550 players playing PLO. Most of the games is 5/10 and 10/20 CNY while HU games can go up to 100/200 CNY with 3 – 4 of those tables available.

Other Cash Games (Speed/Rush Games)

The Pokermaster App does not offer any fast-fold games, but you might enjoy their Six-Plus games if you are looking for something fresh.

Pokermaster (MTT) Tournament Schedule

MTTs are not really available in any of the clubs that come with this Pokermaster Deal but you might find some low buy-in or freeroll tournaments offering special prizes like electronics and other merchandise.

Pokermaster SNG Schedule and Offering

SNGs are also not available on Pokermaster.

Pokermaster Review Software

The Pokermaster App and its software ware designed to run mainly on iOS and Android devices.

The software is stable and runs smoothly on most modern mobile devices, tablets and even PCs with a special Pokermaster emulator but, more on that later.

There is a time limit for every table, ranging from 2.5 to 6 hours usually and players will be notified upfront. Across all the clubs there are over 100 tables running at once offering our players a wide variety of games.

Pokermaster Review Client

As we already discussed in the Pokermaster Deal part of this review, the client is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

PokermasterYou can see all the games currently running in the clubs you have joined in the Discover tab. There is a filter you can use in the top right to sort the tables by stakes, players per table, PLO/NL.

There is also a Results Tab with advanced game statistics such as VPIP, raise preflop, and other important stats about your play.

Pokermaster Emulator and Multi-tabling

In order to play on Pokermaster using your desktop computer, you will need to use a Pokermaster Emulator. Click here to learn all about the emulator.


Using the emulator, you can easily play an unlimited amount of tables at once, as long as your hardware is capable of supporting them.

Pokermaster HUD

If you’d like to have more information on your opponents while playing, you will need to use a HUD.

That’s where Hand2Note comes in. It is fully integrated which means it recognizes Pokermaster as a separate poker room.

It will display all of your reports, graphs, and results in CNY which is the main currency on Pokermaster.

To get your HUD set up, simply follow the step-by-step guide provided below:

  • Download and install Hand2Note version or above.
  • Setup the MOMO App Player and install Pokermaster as shown above.
  • Start Hand2Note.
  • Login into PokerMaster.
  • The HUD should appear immediately after you open a table.

Pokermaster Review Rake Structure and Caps

The rake works a bit differently on Pokermaster than you might be used to. When a table time limit is up, the agent will collect all of the funds and calculate the amount of rake each player is supposed to pay.

While the rake in all games is 5%, you only pay it if you had a winning session. That means that in the longer run, you only pay around 2,5% rake on Pokermaster.

Pokermaster Deal and Rakeback Offer

Our Pokermaster Deal does not include any rakeback but, given the action is very soft and what we experienced so far, the vast majority of players can beat the games on Pokermaster.

Pokermaster Review Conclusion

Pokermaster is a great mobile poker app with insanely soft games and loads of high stakes action. While setting it up and playing might differ slightly from what you are used to, it’s worth the effort.

We highly recommend Pokermaster for Nl400+ players who are looking for the softest games around and like to play vs Chinese fish.

To get access to our Pokermaster clubs and in order, to set up your account and fund it, contact us via e-mail at support@vip-grinders.com or Skype: vip-grinders.asia.