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J88Poker Review

J88Poker Bonus, Traffic and Software

J88Poker is a new and growing Independent Asian Poker Room that opened its doors in October 2017. Ever since then, the room kept growing and attracting poker aficionados from all over the world, but most of its players come from China.


Four kinds of poker games are available on J88Poker: Hold’em, Omaha, Badugi and OFC and the stakes range all the way up to $10/$20.


In addition to a wide range of cash games tables, there are also around 25 different tournaments taking place every day on J88Poker.


All games on J88Poker take place in a virtual currency, called Crystals. ₵100 crystals are equal to $1 dollar.


J88Poker also offers a bunch of valuable promotions to its players. Our great rakeback deal allows you to earn 50% RB on your action. And, you get a ₵200 tournament ticket just for signing up!


It’s also worth noting that the room has its own team of professional poker players. Those are Jin Tian, Vivian Im, and Justin Shin.


What’s on offer?


Below you can find an overview of current and available offers at J88Poker.


Rakeback 50%


J88Poker Review conducted by poker experts


Just like we do with every online poker room that we offer to our members, we have thoroughly tested every aspect of the player experience on J88Poker.


The user interface is easy to navigate and straightforward. The game selection is more than adequate for even the most serious grinders amongst us. And most importantly, the games are really soft, due to a large number of inexperienced players from China.


To add to the excitement, the promotions that are available on J88Poker offer loads of additional value, and with 50% Rakeback, there is not much to complain about.


We encourage you to CONTACT OUR SUPPORT in case you have any questions or look for a custom deal and don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know how your experience was when playing at J88Poker!


How to open an Account at J88Poker?


To open your J88Poker account simply follow our step-by-step guide below and you will be all set to go.


Step 1 – Start Registration Process


Please delete Cookies (important) and then CLICK HERE to start the J88Poker registration process. The link will redirect you to their registration page. Once there, simply fill out the presented form and click “Register”.




Once you do that, you will receive an account verification email. Make sure to verify your account by clicking on the link in that email.


Step 2 – Download the client


After you have filled out the form, you’ll be prompted to download the J88Poker client. To do that, simply click on your preferred device and let the client download.




After the download, simply follow the instructions from the installation wizard, to get your client setup.


Step 3 – Make your First Deposit


To claim one of the bonuses and of course start playing, you will need to make a deposit first.


All deposits and withdrawals are done by the agent, so CONTACT US via Email: support@vip-grinders.com or Skype: vip-grinders.asia , if you are ready to make a deposit.


New Customers Only | 18+ | T&Cs Apply


Step 4 – Submit your Details


To ensure that you get access to our exclusive deals and promotions, you have to submit your username.


You can do that by logging into your VIP-Grinders account and navigating to the “Submit Usernames” tab.


Here, simply enter your Username and be sure to pick the right Skin form the drop-down menu. You can find the name of the Skin by clicking the “Claim Now” button on this page.





J88Poker Review Promotions


As we mentioned before in this J88Poker Review, the room offers a range of different promotions and a generous VIP Scheme.


In addition to 50% Rakeback and a free ₵200 tournament ticket just for signing up, you will also get a free ticket with your deposit.


J88Poker Deposit Bonus


Once you successfully complete your deposit on J88Poker, you will be rewarded with a free tournament ticket. The worth of the ticket corresponds with the size of your deposit:


  • Sign up – ₵200 tournament ticket
  • Deposit $50 – ₵500 tournament ticket
  • Deposit $100 – ₵1,100 tournament ticket
  • Deposit $200 – ₵2,200 tournament ticket


New Customers Only | 18+ | T&Cs Apply


J88Poker Rakeback


You receive 50% fixed Rakeback which is paid around 10th for the previous month via your poker account or eWallets.


Bad Beat Jackpot


To make Bad Beats a bit less painful, J88Poker is running a special Bad Beat Jackpot promotion, that allows you to win more than what you would have got if you won the hand.


In order to win the Bad Beat Jackpot, you have to lose the hand, holding Full House of A’s and 10’s or better.


Bad Beat Jackpot prize distribution:


  • Bad Beat Hand: 10 – 40%
  • Winner Hand: 5 – 20%
  • Rest of the Players: 5 – 20%
  • New Jackpot Seed: 15 – 75%
  • House Revenue: 5%


J88Poker Tournaments


From freerolls and satellites to tournaments with huge guarantees, J88Poker has it all!


There are about 25 tournaments that run every single day, so there is a lot going on for online poker tournament fans on J88Poker.


The tournament action reaches its absolute heights ever last Sunday of the month, that is called Burning Sunday. That is the day all the biggest tournaments take place.


Take a look at the Burning Sunday Schedule below:




J88Poker Review Traffic and Software


As we mentioned at the beginning of our J88Poker Review, the room’s software is modern and runs smoothly.


Navigating the lobby is simple and straightforward. There are four cash game tabs (Hold’em, Omaha, Badugi, and OFC) plus a tournament tab.


When it comes to customization, you get to choose between a large number of options, including multiple, table and deck designs.


The traffic is full of recreational players and the field is really soft. It peaks in the European afternoon hours which is between 7 pm and 11 pm CST (China Standard Time).


No Limit Hold’em, Omaha, and Badugi stakes range from ₵1/2 to ₵1k/2k, while OFC games between ₵5 and ₵1k are available.


The bulk of the action is on the NLHE tables between ₵10/20 and ₵50/100.


And their rake is among the lowest in the industry with only 5% rake on all your action.




J88Poker Review Mobile App


J88Poker players can enjoy all their favorite games on their mobile devices. The mobile poker app is extremely well designed and runs smoothly on any modern Android or iOS device.


Visit the J88Poker homepage to download the app onto your mobile device.




At the moment, the J88Poker is available for Android devices running Android 5.1 lollipop or above and all modern iOS devices.




To download the J88Poker Mobile App, simply visit their website and click on the Android or iOS download button.


Make sure to open your phone settings and tap on the Security button. There, check ‘Unknown’ Sources’ to allow the installation of apps from non-market (if it isn’t already checked).


J88Poker Review Payment Options


On J88Poker, can make deposits and withdrawals using NETELLER and Skrill (USD or EUR). All payments on J88Poker are handled by VIP-Grinders.com and converted into the rooms currency – Chrystal’s.


Make sure to CONTACT US via Email: support@vip-grinders.com or Skype: vip-grinders.asia if you wish to make a deposit and our agents will be at your personal assistance 24/7 to help with both deposits and cashouts and will ensure you get paid in time!


J88Poker Review Cashouts and Processing Times


As we mentioned multiple times in our J88Poker Review already, all cashouts are processed through us. That means that our agents will help you every step of the way, and ensure everything runs fast and smooth.


Cashouts are free and can be paid out weekly (Wednesdays) for the previous week (Monday-Sunday).


Overall, J88Poker is an excellent choice for any grinder looking to take advantage of extremely soft games that are currently available in a growing Asian poker market.


J88Poker also offers a wide range of different cash games and tournaments with enough action to get solid sessions up.


And, their VIP Club is extremely grinder friendly with 50% rakeback!


So, don’t hesitate and get started on J88Poker today! And by all means, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!






New Customers Only | 18+ | T&Cs Apply



Company Information:

Company Name: J88Poker
Website: j88poker.com
Network: Independent
Skrill Loyalty: No
P2P Option: Yes

restricted Countries:

No country restrictions.

J88Poker Support Details:

Email: support@j88poker.com
Live Chat: No
Phone: No

Software Compatibility:

J88Poker Games & limits:

Average Total Players: 270
Average Cash Players: 100
HEM/PT Compatibility: No
Rake Structure: 5%
NLH 6max: Up to ₵1k/₵2k
NLH HU: Up to ₵1k/₵2k
PLO 6max: Up to ₵1k/₵2k
PLO HU: Up to ₵1k/₵2k

Top Pokers Deals:

J88Poker Review – Traffic and Games

J88Poker is a rising star amongst the Asian poker rooms and apps. Launched in late 2017, it already gained the attention and affection of poker players worldwide.

This Hong-Kong based poker room focuses primarily on the Chinese market which is experiencing a huge poker boom. With that comes an influx of inexperienced players at the tables and makes the games extremely appealing for many of our readers.

As we will see in the later parts of this J88Poker Review, there is plenty of poker variants to choose from. In addition to international favorites, Hold’em and Omaha, J88Poker also offers more exotic games, such as Badugi and Open Face Chinese poker.

We will also take a look at the rooms software, rake and rakeback but, more on that later.

J88Poker Is an Independent Online Poker Room

J88Poker is an independent online poker room, which means it’s not part of any online poker network.

That gives the team full control over the games, promotions and other aspects of the online experience. But by all means, that doesn’t mean that the traffic on J88Poker is insufficient.

The room has been growing steadily ever since its launch and with it the traffic on its tables. You can take a look at the overview of the traffic in the graph below, but of course, we will go more in depth later in our J88Poker Review.

As you can see, the number of players moves between 140 and 270 but that number does increase around bigger tournament events or other promotions.

J88Poker Account and Table Currency

The currency that is in use on J88Poker is called Crystals. Crystals are a virtual currency that is denominated with a ₵ sign.

One Crystal (₵) is equal to 1 cent USD. That means that the conversion rate is as follow: $1 = ₵100.

J88Poker Review – Cash Games

As we already mentioned, J88Poker offers No-Limit Hold’em, Omaha, Badugi and OFC poker variants.

Stakes ranging from just ₵1/2 (NL2) all the way up to ₵1,000/2,000 (NL2000) are available, but sadly there is not much traffic at the higher limits.

There is usually between 50 and 100 players at the cash game tables and the traffic peaks at about 130 players on the weekend.

In general, the best time to play on J88Poker is between 7 PM and 11 PM China Standard Time which equals to European afternoon hours.

No Limit Holdem


The Cadillac of poker is universally the most popular poker game and that is also the case on J88Poker.

No Limit Hold’em gets the largest share of the pie when it comes to this room’s traffic, with an average of 80 players sitting at the tables.

Stakes between NL2 and NL2000 are available, but the bulk of the traffic is at tables between ₵10/20 and ₵50/100. You will also often find one or two ₵100/200 tables running.



Not surprising, Pot Limit Omaha is the second most enjoyed game on J88Poker. A large span of stakes is available (₵1/2 – ₵1,000/2,000) but only ₵5/10 and ₵10/20 tables host any meaningful action.

On average you’ll find 15 players at those stakes, with two or three tables running.

Other Cash Games (Badugi & Open Face Chinese)


When it comes to the other two cash game variants available at J88Poker, Badugi and Open Face Chinese are not as popular as Holdem and Omaha.

Although there is a wide selection of tables available in the lobby, you’ll have a hard time finding action for those two variants.

Of course, J88Poker is a relatively new online poker room, and we expect the traffic at those games to increase with time as well. Once that happens, we will naturally update our J88Poker review, so make sure to check back if you enjoy some Badugi or Open Face Chinese poker action.

J88Poker Review – Tournament Schedule

Don’t worry for a second that J88Poker is only about cash games. As a matter of fact, J88Poker has a great tournament schedule that attracts between 50 and 150 players to its tables any time of the day.

The buy-ins range from ₵100 ($1) and all the way up to ₵5,500 ($55), which means there is plenty of action for everyone.

Daily Tournaments


About 25 tournaments run every day on J88Poker. There are also not just Hold’em but Omaha tournaments with big guarantees available every single day.

The highlight of the daily schedule are the ₵2,200 Red Hot ₵150,000 GTD and the ₵3,300 Big Red with ₵200,000 in the guaranteed prize pool.

Weekend Majors


Just like with any major online poker room, J88Poker also hosts its biggest tournaments on Saturdays and Sundays.

The schedule itself doesn’t change much on the weekends but, the guarantees do get bigger. For example, the Big Red ₵200,000 GTD is replaced with a ₵8,800 buy-in Mega Red that boasts a ₵600,000 guarantee on Sunday.

Special Tournaments


To top off the tournament action on J88Poker, there is a whole range of special tournaments including satellites that run regularly.

But that is not the most exciting thing on the J88Poker schedule. That title goes to every last Sunday of the month, that is called Burning Sunday. That is the day all the biggest tournaments take place.

Take a look at the Burning Sunday Schedule below:


J88Poker Review – SNG Schedule and Offering

J88Poker currently doesn’t offer Sit and Go tournaments. That might change in the future, so make sure to check back to this review if you are looking for some SNG action.

J88Poker Review – Freerolls

Every day, you’ll find various freerolls in the J88Poker tournament lobby. They often offer amazing guaranteed prizes such as tournament tickets for bigger events.

Welcome Freerolls


There are no welcome freerolls on J88Poker, but you still get to enjoy some free tournaments after signing up.

Once you successfully complete your deposit on J88Poker, you will be rewarded with a free tournament ticket. The worth of the ticket corresponds with the size of your deposit:

  • Sign up – ₵200 tournament ticket
  • Deposit $50 – ₵500 tournament ticket
  • Deposit $100 – ₵1,100 tournament ticket
  • Deposit $200 – ₵2,200 tournament ticket

Specials & Private Freerolls


We currently don’t offer private freerolls on J88Poker.

J88Poker – Software

J88Poker uses a modern software that not only works but also looks great. Its light so it doesn’t strain your device even when multitabling, but still offers wide range of different customization options.

Not only is the software compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, it also comes in an Android version and an iOS version will be available soon.

J88Poker Client


As mentioned, the J88Poker client is well designed and extremely easy to navigate. There are four cash game tabs (Hold’em, Omaha, Badugi, and OFC) plus a tournament tab.


When it comes to customization, you get to choose between a large number of options, including multiple, table and deck designs.


It also offers a feature to automatically tile or cascade your tables as well as other handy tools such as quick tournament registration.

Cash Games Multi Table Capacity


The J88Poker software allows you to play up to 16 cash game tables at once. Using the tile option, they will automatically resize to fit your screen space.

MTT & SNG Multi Table Capacity


The maximum MTT & SNG Multi Table Capacity is capped at 16 tables as well, which should be sufficient for even the most serious grinders among us.

Holdem Manager & Pokertracker Compatibility: HUD


The use of tracking software and Heads Up Displays is not supported by the J88Poker software. But, that in turn makes the games even softer.

Hand Converter and Histories


Hand History is not turned on by default in the J88Poker software. To turn it on, go to Tools > Save Hand History and check the box saying: “Save My Hand History”.

J88Poker Rake Structure and Caps

The rake on J88Poker is 5% with the following CAPs:

HU 3 or more
Limit Cap Limit Cap
NL20 $1 NL2 $1
NL50 $2.5 NL10 $2
NL100 $3 NL20 $3
NL200 $5 NL50 $4
NL400 $8 NL100 $5
NL1000 & NL2000 $12 NL200 $6
NL400 $8
NL1000 & NL2000 $15


J88Poker Rakeback Offer

When signing up with J88Poker trough us, players get 50% rakeback. Its paid out around 10th via their poker account or chosen eWallets.


If you are looking for an online poker room with some of the softest and most profitable games around, then you should give J88Poker a try.

Our J88Poker deal is further improved with 50% rakeback and 24/7 access to our support that will help you with deposits, cashouts and anything else you might need to make your grind as enjoyable and profitable as possible.

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