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Postlegate defenders tech claims shot down by Matt Berkey

As the Postlegate scandal gets bogged down in the civil court system, one of the few defenders of the alleged cheat has been called out by Matt Berkey for trying to muddy the waters yet again…

Postlegate defenders tech claims shot down by Matt Berkey

With the exception of Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow, Rounder Life magazine – that Mike Postle has been linked to – has been consistently producing articles that aim to refute what many see as Postle’s clear guilt.

VIP Grinders has covered every development in the case since people accused Postle of cheating livestreamed cash games using hidden devices, perhaps with insider help.

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Now the subject of a $30million civil lawsuit, along with Stones Gambling House and their poker manager Justin Kuraitis, Mike Postle has barely been heard of apart from a single interview with Mike Matusow.

Instead, his public defense has been left to his friends at RounderLife magazine. Evert Caldwell (pictured below) and Jim Landers are the ‘co-founders and current owners of Rounder Magazine’.

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Claims that the amount of money won by Postle were wrong were followed by more anonymous and unsubstantiated claims.

RounderLife stated that Postle had also been playing at other card rooms during his ‘sun-run’ in the Stones livestream, quoting an unnamed poker-room manager.

The latest defense

This week yet another assertion has been made by RounderLife, this time questioning what they term ‘Haley Hintze’s Smoking Gun’ theory.

In Hintze’s piece, she wrote: ‘My nominee for the single Postle hand that is most damning for his defense is one that other watchers have also identified.

She added: ‘In the hand, posted a couple of months ago, Postle can be seen frantically wiping and re-wiping his cards across the in-table sensor that reads his cards.’

Doug Polk dissected the hand as Hintze mentions.

Hintze shut down this week’s RounderLife claim. She pointed out that they don’t even show the same hand she was referring to…

Hintze tweeted: ‘It’s also cute of Rounderlife to insinuate that I was referring to a certain cited hand, one that they inserted video for after my piece was writ.

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“LOL fake journalism via another anon-authored piece, when really they’re just pissed I outed the rag’s direct connection to Postle.

Berkey refutes the RounderLife tech claims

Then it was time for Matt Berkey to take RounderLife to task after the ‘casino lifestyle magazine’. Postle did ‘unpaid promotional work’ for the magazine, claimed the tech aspect supports Postle’s defence.

Berkey discovered a mechanism in the RFID software that could be used to cheat.

He produced ‘a quick video demonstrating just how easy it would be to have perfect real ti