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Poker Hand of the Week – Tom Dwan Plays Biggest PLO Pot in Hustler Casino Live History

In our Poker Hand of the Week we analyze the biggest PLO Pot ever played on Hustler Casino Live by Tom Dwan vs. Charles and Marius worth a staggering $1,063,000.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This hand was played in the high stakes PLO game, which featured Tom Dwan, Nik Airball, Charles and Marius among others.

Poker Hand of the Week – Tom Dwan Plays Biggest PLO Pot in Hustler Casino Live History

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The game in question is 6-max Pot-Limit Omaha with Blinds are $500/$500/$1,000 with a $2,000 BB Ante. Durrrr and Marius are very deep and Charles is short with Marius covering both of them.

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


The Professor raises to $2,500 from the Hijack and gets three callers. Charles then 3-bets from the big blind to $13,500 with K♣9♦8♣6♦ and Marius just calls with A♥A♦4♣4 as does Firas and Tom Dwan with A♣QJ4♥. Pot Size: $58,500


4-way to a flop of 3♠2♥6♠ and Firas checks. Charles, who only has a pot size bet left, bets $20,000 with top pair. Marius calls with his Aces and a gutshot as does Dwan with  his flush draw and gutshot. Pot Size: $118,500


The 5♣ on the turn is an absolute action card as it makes both Tom and Marius a straight and Charles shoves for his remaining $53,500.

Marius just calls, but Dwan bets pot worth $332,500 with the straight and redraw to a flush. Marius goes deep into the tank before shoving for $409,500 total and Tom Dwan snap-calls. Pot Size: $1,063,000


Dwan is in great shape here being on a freeroll against Marius and a 60% favourite, while Charles needs a Seven and a Seven only.

The river is an inconsequential 10♣ though, which means that Tom and Marius chop the $1,063,000 pot and Charles has to reload.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Very interesting PLO hand. Let’s go through it step by step.

The Professor kicks things off with a pretty loose preflop raise holding KsQdJc3c and gets three callers. Charles then makes a large 5.4x 3-bet with Kc9d8c6d double suited from the big blind. Marius picks up offsuit Aces in the straddle and just calls as do Firas with 9h9c8s7d and durrrr with AcQsJs4h.

4-way to a pretty coordinated flop of 3s2h6s. Firas checks, Charles bets $20,000 with only $53,500 behind and is therefore pot-committed. Marius calls and so does Dwan. Firas folds.

The 5c on the turn is one of the most exciting cards in the deck as it gives both Tom Dwan and Marius the same straight, which is only the 3rd Nuts though behind 7-4 and 5-4.

It’s music to their ears when Charles shoves. Marius again just calls and now Tom has a sweet shoving spot with the Staight and redraw to the Flush.

Dwan is freerolling against Marius, while Charles can only improve with a Seven making durrrr a 60% favourite, which is quite significant in PLO.

Marius now has a very difficult situation as he has no redraw and could be dead against 5-4 and 7-4. He ends up making the call though and just like that there is a staggering $1,063,000 in the middle.

Dwan needs a Spade to scoop, but the river is the 10c, which means Marius and Tom are chopping Charles’ money.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Charles loose 3–bet pre lays the basis for this huge pot as three players call it and there is already $58,500 in the pot before the flop is even dealt.

Another remarkable fact about this hand is that they get into a 3-way All-In and play a huge pot with a gutshot and two times the 3rd Nuts and only one of them having a redraw to the flush.

You don’t see that very often in a above $1,000,000 in PLO as usually someone either has the Nuts or is drawing to the Nuts.

The end is uneventful, since Tom Dwan and Marius chopping up Charles’ money and only make a small $52,500 profit.

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here:

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