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Poker Hand of the Week – Ryan Feldman’s Sick Triple Barrel Bluff on Poker After Dark

In our Poker Hand of the Week we analyze the sick Triple Barrel Bluff of Hustler Casino Live producer Ryan Feldman against Julie Yorn on Poker After Dark.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This hand was played at Poker After Dark “Action Arden” Week, which featured Phil Hellmuth, Arden Cho, Jeremy Levin, Julie Yorn, Danielle Andersen, and Ryan Feldman.

Poker Hand of the Week – Ryan Feldman's Sick Triple Barrel Bluff on Poker After Dark

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They are playing NL$50/$100 6-max and Ryan Feldman has Julie easily covered at the start of our Poker Hand of the Week.

Poker Hand of the Week Action


Julie Yorn raises from the button with 10♥10♦ to $300, Phil Hellmuth calls in the small blind with J♦8♦ and Ryan Feldman 3-bets to $1,400 from the big blind holding A♥Q♠. Yulie calls and Hellmuth folds. Pot Size: $3,900


Heads-up to a pretty dry flop of 3♣9♥3♥. Feldman whiffs, but has still has two overcards and a backdoor flush draw, while Julie has an overpair.

Ryan decides to make a small continuation bet of $800 (21% pot) and Julie just calls with her overpair. Pot Size: $4,700


The 8♥ on the turn is a very interesting card as both players have a heart in their hand plus Feldman picks up the nut flush draw to go alongside his two overcards.

Ryan fires a $2,400 second barrel and Julie calls again. Pot Size: $9,500


The 2♣ on the river is as blank as it gets. Ryan Feldman has missed his draw and is sitting there with Ace-High.

After getting called twice on the flop and turn, he knows that the only way he can win the pot is by betting and that’s what he does.

He chooses a sizing of $7,500 into $9,500, which is 79% pot. This sizing is intended to make it look like a value bet. Julie goes deep into the tank for almost a minute and then folds her hand, while Ryan Feldman picks up a nice $17,000 pot with just Ace-high!

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Great Triple Barrel Bluff and read by Ryan Feldman! Let’s try to find out what were the reasons, why he went for it here.

Julie’s preflop raise with Pocket Tens from the button is absolute standard. I don’t like Phil Hellmuth’s call out of position with Jd8d as Julie is a very tight player and those types of hands play much better in position.

Feldman now looks at AhQs and after Phil’s call this is the perfect spot to go for a large 3-bet, given the strength of Ryan’s hand, in order to make it look like a squeeze play. Julie now has two options, against a player, who is loose and squeezes a lot, I would definitely 4-bet here as Pocket Tens are very vulnerable and against tight or tight-aggressive players, I would just call. Julie goes for the second option and Hellmuth folds.

The 3c9h3h flop is pretty dry except for a potential flush draw. Ryan has missed, but being the preflop aggressor and having two overcards and a backdoor flush draw, he correctly makes a small cbet of 21% pot, which is intended to win the hand right here.

Unfortunately for him Julie has an overpair and never folds here. She just calls, which I don’t like, since Ryan could have easily been squeezing pre and bluffing on the flop. A small raise gives you information, if your Pocket Tens are good, while by calling you don’t know and risk to get outdrawn on the turn.

The heart on the turn completes the flush draw from the flop and gives Feldman the Nut Flush Draw on top of his overcards. This is a great card for a second barrel and Feldman bets $2,400 into $4,700. Now Julie doesn’t know anymore, where she stands and can’t raise, but has to call instead as she also has a heart and that’s what she does.

The 2c on the river is a complete blank and Ryan has missed everything. He however knows that the only way to win the hand is by betting and since he is familiar with Julie’s tight game, he decides to go for it by betting 79% pot.

Julie tanks for almost a minute and then folds her hand with the words: “If it was a bluff, it was a good one.” It was and what a bluff it was!

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Great Three Barrel Bluff by Ryan Feldman, which shows how important reads and playing your opponent’s tendencies are in cash games.

Feldman is the producer of Hustler Casino Live, the currently most popular live stream poker show, where Julie is a regular. Ryan has seen Julie play countless of hours on the live streams he produces and knows that she has a tendency to overfold.

He beautifully turns this knowledge into an exploit by turning his hand into a massive Triple Barrel Bluff. Feldman knows that he can make Julie fold a hand as strong as an overpair here and that’s exactly why he goes for it.

On top of that, Julie made a big mistake by not raising on the flop. Only a min-raise would have given her all the information she needed and won her the hand, while calling gave Ryan the opportunity for bluffing her of the best hand.

Perfectly executed Triple Barrel Bluff by Ryan Feldman which is solely based on reads.

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here:

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