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Poker Hand of the Week – The Best Phil Hellmuth Fold Ever

We are analysing the best Phil Hellmuth Fold you have ever seen from the eagerly-awaited $400,000 High Stakes Duel III Round 3 vs. Tom Dwan.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

We are in the early stages of Phil Hellmuth’s Rematch against Tom Dwan at High Stakes Duel. Dwan had won the first match and was the first player to beat the Poker Brat in this format.

Poker Hand of the Week – The Best Phil Hellmuth Fold Ever

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They are very deep with effective stack size being 287 big blinds and Phil Hellmuth has Tom Dwan slightly covered at the start of our Poker Hand of the Week

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


At Blinds of 300/600 Phil Hellmuth limps from the button with Q♦5♦ and Tom Dwan checks from the Big Blind with K♦6♦. Pot Size: 2,400


The flop comes K♠K♣10♣ giving Dwan well-disguised Trips. He checks and Hellmuth makes a rather large continuation bet of 1,500 (63% pot) and Tom check-calls. Pot Size: 5,400


The K♥ on the turn is an interesting and potential trouble card for Phil as he now has Two Pair. “durrrr” checks over to Hellmuth for a second time, but this time the Poker Brat checks behind. Pot Size: 5,400


The Q♠ is a disatrous card for Hellmuth as he now has a Full House, but Dwan has the higher one. Tom checks for a third time and Phil makes a very small bet of 1,200 into 5,400 (22% pot).

“durrrr” now raises to 6,500 and Phil doesn’t even think long before folding his hand, while Tom Dwan wins only a small 13,100 pot.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Probably the best fold Phil Hellmuth has ever made! Let’s go through this spectacular hand step by step.

Since we are heads-up, you could be arguing that Qd6d from the button is a raise, but Hellmuth likes to limp from the button in order to control the size of the pot, both is fine. With K6s I would have preferred a raise as you are out of position and way ahead of the button limping range. However, Dwan plays it safe by checking behind.

The flop is obviously a dream for “durrrr” as he flops Trips and even better is that Phil makes a cbet after Tom checked over to him. Dwan decides to slowplay his very strong hand.

That turns out to be a good decision, since the Queen on the turn makes Hellmuth Top Two. Dwan checks again. Now Phil sizes up considerably with a 63% pot second barrel. “durrrr” check-calls again.

The river is sick as it brings another Queen and now both players have a Full House. Tom checks and Phil makes a tiny 22% pot value bet.

Dwan now makes a pot size raise and it takes Hellmuth not even 10 seconds to fold the third Nuts.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Unbelievable fold and insane read by the Poker Brat, especially given the fact that Dwan doesn’t need to have a King here as he would raise most Kings preflop in heads-up.

The fact that Tom Dwan checked over to Phil three times and then check-raised the river is enough of an indicator for Hellmuth that Dwan must have a King as this is the only card that makes sense after this line.

However, getting away from what is basically the second Nuts to a single raise on the river is incredible or to say it with the words of commentator and poker legend Phil Galfond:

“That’s unbelievable!”

View the Poker Hand of the Week here:

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