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Poker Hand of the Week – Alan Keating Hit By Disgusting River In A $400,000 Pot

In our Poker Hand of the Week Alan Keating and Matt Hanks clash in a massive $400,000 cash game pot at No Gamble No future when a disgusting river is dealt…

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

We are at the No Gamble No Future high stakes cash game featuring Jean-Robert Bellande, Eric Persson, Alan Keating and Matt Hanks among others.

Poker Hand of the Week – Alan Keating Hit By Disgusting River In A $400,000 Pot

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The blinds are $200/$400 with effective stack sizes of 478 big blinds and Alan Keating has Matt Hanks easily covered.

Poker Hand of the Week Action


JRB makes a very loosw open raise  from UTG to $2,000 with 4♣3♣ and gets four callers. Two of them are Alan Keating with 7♥6♥ and Matt Hanks with 6♣2♣ and just like that there is already $16,400 in the pot preflop.


5-way to a flop of 6♦8♥3♠ rainbow, which gives both Keating and Hanks middle pair and JRB bottom pair, while the remaining players whiff. It checks around to Hanks, who tries to take the pot down with a $6,000 bet, but both JRB and Keating check-call. Pot Size: $28,400


The case 6♠ on the turn is making things interesting with both Keating and Hanks turning Trips, while Alan’s kicker is still in play. Once again it checks to Matt Hanks, who fires a $15,000 second barrel and Alan Keating now check-raises to $45,000. Hanks calls. Pot Size: $118,400


The 2♠ on the river is a sick, sick card as it completes the flush draw, but apart from that looks like a blank. Alan makes a $80,000 value bet and Matt announces All-in for $140,000, which is only $60,000 more.

Keating doesn’t like it, but flicks in the call after thinking for a few seconds just to get shown that he got rivered in a nasty way in a massive $398,400 pot by Matt Hanks.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Very interesting cash game hand, which is worth it to take an i-depth look at it.

JRB lays the foundation for this massive pot with a very loose and large 5x preflop raise with 43s from UTG, which is called by four players. Keating has the beautiful 76s, while Hanks only calls with 62s because he gets very good pots odds.

The flop is interesting as three players make a pair, while none of them hits the flop hard. It checks around to Hanks, who tries to steal it with a bet of 58% pot size, but both JRB with bottom and Keating with middle pair call.

The case Six on the turn is the money card making both Hanks and Keating Trips, while the latter is still ahead with the better kicker. It again checks to Matt, who downsizes a bit with a 53% pot size bet as he thinks he is ahead now and wants to keep his opponents in the hand.

JRB folds, but Keating makes a 3x check-raise with Trips and Hanks just calls.

The Deuce on the river is a disgusting card for Alan as it looks like a blank to him. There is no way he can put his opponent on a Deuce given the previous action. Consequently, he makes choses a 68% pot sizing for his value bet.

To his surprise, Matt Hanks announces All-in for only $60,000 more with already $338,400 in the pot. This line is insanely strong as Hanks has no fold equity and he has almost always top of his range and never a bluff. Keating knows that and what makes things worse is that he can’t fold given that he gets pot odds of 6.66 to 1, which means his call only has to be good every seventh time to make it profitable.

Alan Keating flicks in the call just to see that he got rivered in the worst possible way.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

This hand is a great example that in a multi-way cash game pot everything is possible. Keep in mind that players are widening their range, when they get offered good pot odds and that almost all suited hands even low suited gappers become playable.

That the hand plays out the way it does is simply bad luck for Alan Keating as he can’t put his opponent on a Deuce and given the extremely favourable pot odds there is no way to escape.

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here:

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