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Poker Hand of the Week – Jungleman Makes Andy Stacks Fold An Overpair On The Turn

Dan “Jungleman” Cates is for many the most intriguing man in poker and in our Poker Hand of the Week from the NL $100/$200 high stakes cash game vs. Andy Stacks he shows why.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This hand was played at the massive NL$100/$200 high stakes cash game at Hustler casino featuring high stakes legends Jungleman and Andy Stacks as well as Hustler casino live regulars Ronnie, Big John and Krish.

Poker Hand of the Week – Jungleman Makes Andy Stacks Fold An Overpair On The Turn

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They are playing 6-max No-Limit Texas Hold’em and Andy Stacks has Jungleman easily covered at the start of our Poker Hand of the Week.

Poker Hand of the Week Action


Jungleman raises UTG with 6♣4♣ to $600. Krish 3-bets with A♥J♠ to $1,700 and Andy finds 10♠10♦ in the small blind.

He just calls and so does Ronnie from the big blind with A♣Q♣ and Jungleman Under The Gun. Pot Size: $7,000


4-handed to a relatively dry flop of 4♦2♣9♥ rainbow. Andy has an overpair and now leads $3,000 into $7,000. The initial raiser Jungleman has flopped a pair plus backdoor flush and straight draw and he calls. Krish makes a very questionable call as he only has two overcards. Pot Size: $16,000


The 3♣ on the turn is a very interesting card as it gives Jungleman both a flush and a straight draw alongside his pair, which results in a whopping 41% equity.

However, Andy still has an overpair, but he check it. Not so Jungleman, who turned the world and he elects that $9,500 is the right sizing.

Krish quickly fold and Andy Stacks also folds his overpair and the best hand surprisingly quickly. This great bet sizing earns Jungleman a $25,500 pot.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

This hand is a great example how important bet sizing is in poker. Let’s have an in-depth look at it.

Jungleman kicks off the hand with a pretty loose UTG raise with 64s, which you can do every once in a while though in a cash game as the hand has a decent postflop and multi-way playability. Krish now 3-bets AJo from the button, which is pretty standard as it’s suboptimal to call with this hand, so he is in a raise or fold spot. Andy and Ronnie pick up Pocket Tens and AQs in the blinds and just call and now Jungleman gets very good pot odds and also comes along.

4-handed to a pretty dry rainbow flop that hits Jungleman the hardest as he flops a pair with backdoor flush and straight draw.

Nevertheless, Andy still has an overpair, which is often the best hand on such a dry board, and he consequently leads with a 43% pot bet. Jungleman has an easy call, while Krish has a pretty easy fold, but he makes a very questionable call instead.

The turn is one of the best cards in the deck for Jungleman as it gives him a straight flush draw and remarkable equity of 41% to win the hand. Andy now checks probably to control the pot as he has two players still left to act behind him on the turn in a sizeable pot.

Jungleman now takes over the initiative with a 60% bet, Krish has nothing and quickly folds. Andy still has an overpair to the board, but folds surprisingly quickly and Cates wins a nice pot.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Jungleman shows why sizing your bets properly is an integral part of poker. Cates is a master when it comes to bet sizing and once again picks the perfect amount  and spot in order to get two quick folds.

60% pot on the turn leaves Jungleman approximately pot behind and it looks like he is setting the pot up for a river shove. This would be very difficult for Andy to call, given that it was a 4-way pot and Andy Stacks only holds a one pair hand.

Andy probably thinks that if he calls here he also has to call a shove and he is not willing too with a one-pair hand resulting in him quickly folding the best hand.

Great sizing by Jungleman!

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here from 7:25 on:

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