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Poker Hand of the Week – Three huge hands collide in crazy Roller Coaster Runout at Poker After Dark

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

We saw a very sick roller coaster hand on Poker After Dark, where three huge hands collide in a big pot involving Frank Stepuchin, Marle Cordeiro and Ronnie Bardah.

Poker Hand of the Week – Three huge hands end in crazy Roller Coaster Runout at Poker After Dark

The brand-new Poker After Dark week is called “Watch Your Step” and it features action player Frank Stepuchin, Marle Cordeiro, Ilyas Abayev, Alex Ding, Ronnie Bardah, and Alan Richardson playing $50/$100 No-Limit Hold’em

They are playing NL $50/$100 and Frank Stepuchin was already All-In in the very first hand and had to reload, after running a 72 bluff into a full house.

Stepuchin then reloaded for $20k and has the other two covered at the start of the hand.

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


Frank Stepuchin picks up Q♥Q Under The Gun and raises to $300. Marle Cordeiro calls with K♠J♦ in UTG+1 as does Ronnie Bardah in the big blind with A♠J♠. Pot Size: $1,050


Everyone likes the J♥7♦5♠ flop as Marle and Ronnie flop a strong top pair and Frank has an overpair.

He makes a continuation bet of $500, Marle calls and Ronnie raises it up to $1,900 with top pair top kicker. Stepuchin and Cordeiro both call. Pot Size: $6,750


They go 3-way to the J♣ turn, which is a very sick card as it makes Marle and Ronnie Trips, but Bardah has top kicker, while Frank goes from 1st to 3rd position, but still holds an overpair!

Ronnie Bardah fires a rather small second barrel of $2,800 into $6,750 (41% pot) and Stepuchin and Cordeiro call once again. Pot Size: $15,150


Frank Stepuchin has only two outs, but the Q♣ is one of them! Bardah moves All-In for his remaining $4,900 and Frank reshoves. Suddenly Marle Cordeiro has a real decision with her Trips and King kicker and she correctly folds after thinking it through.

Ronnie asks Frank: “you have Jack-Ten?” just to get shown the Pocket Queens for Top Full House and Frank collects a nice $24,950 pot accompanied by a round of Wows from the table.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

What a hand and especially what a sick river! Let’s go through the hand one more time step by step.

Preflop is standard, except for the fact that Bardah could have 3-bet with AJs given the fact that he is out of position, but calling is fine too.

The Jack-high flop hits all three pretty hard with Marle and Ronnie having top pair good kicker and Frank holding an overpair. You can’t blame Bardah here for raising as he needs to protect his hand and charge weaker top pairs.

After another Jack shows up on the turn, Ronnie can be pretty certain to have the best hand. That’s also the reason, why I don’t like his small second barrel sizing. Bardah has only pot size, which means it’s a great setup for a turn shove, since it would get called by most Jacks and overpair combos.

Instead he bets only 41% pot giving both Marle and Frank the chance to suck out on him on the river. This is exactly what happens as Stepuchin hits a miracle Two-Outer Queen on the river.

Ronnie Bardah understandably moves in now causing a reshove by Frank. Given this action, Marle has a fold here as the board is paired and she has to give one of her opponents either Ace-Jack or a full house. She makes the right decision and a good fold.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

What a roller coaster! This is obviously a huge setup, but Ronnie Bardah could have won the hand by shoving the turn as then Frank Stepuchin would have been sandwiched and after a lot of action on the flop and Marle still to act behind him, he normally has to put one of his opponents on a Jack and might have folded an overpair.

View the Poker Hand of the Week here:

Poker Hand of the Week – Three huge hands end in crazy Roller Coaster Runout at Poker After Dark

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