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Poker Hand of the Week – The Craziest Poker Hand of the 2023 WSOP

In our Poker Hand of the Week we analyse the craziest poker hand of the 2023 WSOP between Dan Heimiller and Ron Fetsch. They clash in a massive 50,000,000 chips pot at the final table of the WSOP Seniors Championship with $765,731 up top.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This insane hand was played at the final table of the 2023 WSOP Seniors Championship with $765,731 on the line.

Poker Hand of the Week – The Craziest Poker Hand of the 2023 WSOP

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Fetsch and Heimiller are both big stacks with Ron Fetsch sitting in 2nd place and Dan Heimiller in 3rd with only 8 players left.

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


Blinds are 250k/500k with a 500k Big Blind Ante. Shannon Fahey raises UTG with AJto 1,200,000 and Dan Heimiller then 3-bets with QQ♦ to 3,200,000.

It folds around to chip leader Ron Fetsch in the big blind, who picks up A♠K♠ and he decides to just call out of position. Fahey foldsPot Size: 8,350,000


The flop comes 7♦3♣8♦. Fetsch checks and Heimiller makes a standard 4,000,000 continuation bet of half pot size. Ron check-calls. Pot Size: 16,350,000


The turn is another 8♣ pairing the highest card on the board. Ron now leads for 5,000,000, Dan makes it 13,000,000 to go with only 4,000,000 behind and Fetsch goes All-In with Ace-King high!

Dan Heimiller obviously snap-calls and just like that there are 50,400,000 chips in the middle at an average of 15,000,000! Pot Size: 50,400,000


Fetsch has six outs, but the Q♠ is none of them. Dan Heimiller wins a massive 50,400,000 Pot.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Absolute insanity at the WSOP Seniors Championship! Let’s have an in-depth look at this crazy hand.

Dan Heimiller’s preflop 3-bet with Pocket Queens is standard after an UTG raise. It then folds to Fetsch in the big blind, who picks up a beautiful AsKs. He decides to just call, which could have two reasons: Control the size of the pot or disguise the strength of your hand.

Nevertheless, I don’t like this call with AKs, since the hand is difficult to play out of position, if you miss the flop.

That’s what happens, as the flop comes 7d3c8d. Fetsch checks and Heimiller makes a standard continuation bet of half pot. Ron Fetsch just has two overcards without any backdoor draws and the pot is already big, so a fold and cutting your loses is the best option in this spot, but you can also take one off.

This is what he does and they see the 8c on the turn. The board pairs Fetsch usually could have all the Eights in the big blind, but not when he calls a 3-bet from UTG preflop. So the only combos that make sense are Pocket Eights and this is very unlikely as there are already two eights on the board.

However, Fetsch surprisingly leads out even though he is not representing much here. Aces and Kings he would have 4-bet pre out of position and Pocket Eights are highly unlikely.

Such an experienced poker pro like Dan Heimiller obviously knows that as well and so he raises to maximize his value from a hands like JJ – 99.

It is important to note that Heimiller is pot committed now, having only 4,000,000 behind with 34,500,000 in the pot, which means he is never folding.

That’s why this is the easiest fold ever and everybody is speechless, when Ron Fetsch goes All-In, gets snap-called and turns over Ace-King high. Ron only has six outs before the river and the Qs is no help.

Dan Heimiller wins a huge 50,400,000 pot and is the new chip leader, while Fetsch is left crippled.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Absolute ICM Suicide by Ron Fetsch! Both of them were big stacks and almost even before in chips before the hand and there was a staggering $765,371 up top.

The fact that Fetsch has zero fold equity after Dan Heimiller committed himself by raising the turn makes me believe that Ron must have misread his hand.

He must have thought that he have black Aces or Kings and that he is slowplaying it otherwise he would have folded the turn.

A huge and very pricy mistake that costed Ron Fetsch six-figures.

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