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Poker Hand of the Week – Andrew Robl Wins The Biggest Pot At The High Stakes Poker Premiere

In our Poker Hand of the Week we analyze the biggest pot from the first episode of High Stakes Poker Season 11 worth a staggering $567,000 between Andrew Robl and Jean-Robert Bellande.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

The hand was played at the premiere of the new High Stakes Poker Season 11, which features Rick Salomon, Eric Persson, Andrew Robl, Jennifer Tilly and JRB among others.

High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 1 Highlights - Andrew Robl Wins A Huge $567,000 Pot

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They are playing the biggest stakes in High Stakes Poker History with $1,000/$2,000/$4,000 and the game in question is 6-max No-Limit Hold’em.

Both players are very deep with effective stack size being 410 big blinds and Robl has JRB covered.

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


The $9,000 straddle is on. JRB picks up 1010 in the cut-off and makes it $20,000 to go. It folds to Andrew Robl in the small blind, who makes a large 3-bet to $90,000 with 64 and only JRB calls. Pot Size: $197,000 


The A75is pretty decent for Andrew as he picks up an Open-Ended Straight Draw and he consequently leads with a continuation bet of $60,000 (30% pot). Jean-Robert can’t like the Ace, but decides to see a turn with second pair. Pot Size: $257,000


Andrew Robl binks the Straight on the 3and also has a redraw to a Straight Flush. Robl sizes up to $125,000 and Jean-Robert calls again. Pot Size: $567,000


The 7on the river is a scare card for Robl as it completes the front door flush and a full house. Andrew therefore checks and Bellande thinks for 40 seconds before checking behind. Andrew Robl wins the biggest pot worth $567,000 at the High Stakes Poker Season 11 premiere.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Very interesting poker hand. Let’s take an in-depth look at it.

It is important to note that Andrew Robl and JRB know each other’s game very well and have a lot of history.

The preflop raise from the cut-off with Pocket Tens by JRB is standard. Not so standard is the large 4.5x 3-bet by Robl with 6d4d. However, we are in a cut-off vs. small blind scenario here and the 3-bet is probably intended as a resteal to win the pot right here.

Even if Robl gets called his hand plays pretty well postflop that’s why a 3-bet with a Suited Connector or Suited One-Gapper is better than a call in this spot as Robl is out of position. Against an aggressive opponent like Robl, you could 4-bet Pocket Tens here, but given how deep they are and that JRB has position a call is the preferred play.

The Ac7d5c flop is very favourable for Andrew as he picks up an OESD and can also credibly represent the Ace as preflop 3-bettor. He therefore makes a continuation bet of 39% pot and I like the small sizing as it is often enough to win the pot, so no need to go big here.

The 3d on the turn is the absolute dream card for Robl as it makes him the straight with a straight flush redraw. Andrew Robl now fires a second barrel of almost half pot. JRB now actually has a pretty easy fold, but he thinks otherwise and makes the call.

The 7c on the river is not the card Andrew Robl wanted to see as it completes both flush and full house draws and he slows down by checking.

Bellande now has a real decision between betting and checking behind as he could turn his hand into a bluff. JRB has almost pot behind and if he bets, he has to go big. Indeed, Jean-Robert does think about it as he goes into the tank for 40 seconds before ultimately checking behind.

Andrew Robl announces “Straight” and collects a massive $567,000 pot, which is the largest of the entire first episode.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

As so often a mistake by one of the players leads to a massive cash game pot.

JRB had two chances to get away from his hand. First when the Ace appeared on the flop and the preflop 3-bettor leads into you, but taking one of here in position with second pair is reasonable.

However, when Robl fires a large second barrel on the turn, you are only beating a bluff and now you should definitely fold your hand.

Calling cost JRB an additional $125,000 and unnecessarily ballooned the pot to a staggering $536K in a spot, where you could have got away much cheaper.

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here: