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Poker Hand of the Week – Adrian Attenborough’s Hero Call With $10,000,000 At Risk

In our Poker Hand of the Week, we analyze Adrian Attenborough’s Hero Call with $10,000,000 on the line at the 2022 WSOP Main Event against Matija Dobric.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This spectacular hand was played late on Day 7 of the 2022 WSOP Main Event, which means we are very close to the final table, where an incredible $10,000,000 are up top.

Poker Hand of the Week – Adrian Attenborough’s Hero Call With $10,000,000 At Risk

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Dobric has Attenborough easily covered at the start of our Poker Hand of the Week.

Poker Hand of the Week Action


At Blinds of 300k/600k, Matija Dobric raises from the cut-off with {a-Clubs}{4-Spades} to 1,200,000 and Adrian Attenborough calls from the small blind with {k-Clubs}{q-Clubs}. Everybody else folds. Pot Size: 3,600,000


Heads-up to a flop of {10-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}, which gives Attenborough top pair good kicker, while the preflop aggressor whiffs. Nevertheless, Dobric makes a small cbet of 1,200,000 (1/3 pot) and Attenborough check-raises to 4,200,000. This doesn’t scare Dobric, who does come back over the top with a raise to 9,000,000, which is called by Adrian. Pot Size: 21,600,000


The {6-Clubs} on the turn is a blank and once again Adrian checks to Matija, who decides to go for it with a 5,500,000 second barrel (1/4 pot) and Attenborough check-calls once again. Pot Size: 21,600,000


The {2-Hearts} on the river is as blank as it gets as it doesn’t change anything. Dobric still sits there with Ace-high and knows that he has to bet big, if he wants to win this hand. And bet big is what he does! As he puts his opponent All-in for his remaining 23,200,000 chips.

A very difficult decision for Adrian Attenborough given that we are very close to the final table of the WSOP Main Event, where $10,000,000 is up top.

Adrian tanks for more than seven minutes before he calls. Good call as Dobric has to show his Ace-high and the Aussie wins a massive 78,900,000 pot, which puts him into the chip lead.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Let’s go through this very interesting hand step by step.

The preflop raise from the cut-off with A4o is standard given that Dobric was chip leader at this point. Attenborough picks up KQs and has two options call or raise. He chooses the former probably because he doesn’t want to play a huge pot with his hand out of position.

The 10-3-K rainbow flop is very good for Adrian as he flops top pair top kicker with not many possible draws. He therefore check-raises the small continuation bet of Dobric. And this is where things are getting interesting as the Serbian decides to uses his chip lead to put the pressure on the Aussie with a 4-bet. However, Attenborough’s hand is too strong to fold and he check-calls.

The turn doesn’t helps Dobric, but he decides to tell the story of a big hand by firing a second barrel of 1/4 pot. Adrian check-calls again.

The river is an absolute blank and the Aussie checks over to Matija for a third time. He has to choices giving up or betting big. Since the Serbian is a loose-aggressive player and chip leader giving up is not an option for him and he puts Adrian All-In.

Tricky decision with so much money on the line and now Attenborough makes something really smart: He takes his time and goes through the entire hand one more time. By doing that, he realizes that Dobric can’t have many hands that beat him and that he has to call given that he gets pot odds of 2.4 to 1.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Gutsy call with top pair on the bubble of the WSOP Main Event considering ICM as there is a staggering $10,000,000 up top.

This hand is a great example, why taking your time in difficult spots and big pots is absolutely essential. Adrian Attenborough tanks for more than seven minutes and goes through the hand several times.

Due to that, he realizes that Dobric’s play doesn’t make much sense as he hardly has hands in his range that beat him.

And if a story in poker doesn’t make sense, then it is almost always a bluff. Great hand and well played by both.

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here:

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