January 26, 2023 Poker News, Featured Articles, Poker Gossip Lars Liedtke

Pierre Kauert wrongly eliminated from WSOP Circuit Main Event in a Split Pot!

A card-reading blunder at the WSOP Circuit Main Event in Rozvadov yesterday potentially cost one player 125,000 after Pierre Kauert was eliminated when neither he nor the dealer realised it actually is a split pot!

Expensive Mistake as Pierre Kauert busts at WSOPC Main Event in a  split pot

German player Pierre Kauert had already sewn up almost €60k ($63k) by making it to the last five, but with a Circuit ring and €182k ($197k) up top, the mistake proved to be very expensive indeed.

Pierre Kauert wrongly eliminated from WSOP Circuit Main Event in a Split Pot!

Clearly thinking only a river king could save him, the river 6 was met by a smile of resignation and a sharp exit.

The chopped pot elimination went viral and soon everyone from the dealer to the casino to Kauert’s fellow players were being accused of negligence, unprofessionalism, and worse…

  • Both the dealer and the tournament supervisor should be canned and the player should probably pay more attention to his hand in the future.
  • Zero integrity for everyone who noticed and said nothing. Confirms my view that most who play this game are scumbags. Very few do what’s right when it doesn’t benefit them.

That second comment was aimed at eventual winner, Ercan Atmaca, who clearly spotted something wasn’t right but chose to stay schtum, going on to bag the top prize…

To make matters worse, it appeared as though Kings Casino – Leon Tsoukernik’s “poker island” in Rozvadov – were attempting to cover up the huge blunder.

King’s Resort poker director, Federico Brunato, eventually released a statement about the situation, defending the dealer in question:

“I would like to refer to one of the most important rules of poker – always read your hand. At the end of the day we are all humans and we all can make mistakes, Sona is no exception. Even though she has dealt thousands of successful hands in her life, this hand unfortunately she misread.”

He also pointed out an important rule for the event: “At the end of the day I would like to refer to rule number 76. Of WSOP which states: The right to dispute a hand ends when a new hand begins. This applies not only to WSOP, but also to nearly all regular poker games that are played.”

To take from this I strongly advise the poker community to not criticise other peoples mistake and not to try and find guilty, instead learn from this, know your rights and follow your game as every single occasion is individual in its own way.